Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Haiku for September 28, 2005

Chilly morning air,
the proof of summer's passing-
Fall's awakening


Thom said...

I very much enjoy you Haikus and art work.

Aaron said...

Classic haiku -- 5,7,5, and you talk about a season! :-] Here's my attempt:

counting his fingers--
the way that an amateur
follows the meter

Gretchen Coleman said...

ok, so not only are you the Fractal Queen, you are the Haiku Queen as well. Should have known since the Fractal King is also the Haiku King.

RedBark said...

streamers rising up
dancing in the still warm sun
bright flashes of light

Sophia said...


Thank you so much for your compliment. :)

Sophia said...


What you just wrote is called a senryu. It's got the same form as a haiku, only it's not about a season. Actually, I've been calling some of my senryu "haiku". I guess it's just neo-haiku.

I like your attempt. It reminds me of when I double-check on my fingers the number of syllables I've used for my haiku.

Sophia said...


You're the fractal queen, too! I like yours because I can meditate on them and look for images, just like your "Mickey" fractal.

I must warn you, though. The haiku flu is very catching and there is no antidote. You just might find yourself writing them, too!

Sophia said...


Your haiku reminds me of my drive to work this morning. It was very foggy and the fog rolled quickly, like "streamers rising up".

Gretchen Coleman said...

Hey Stacey - yes, the Haiku flu is catching. When I made my last comment I was trying to come up with one real quick and couldn't. Still can't, but I have been thinking about it.

I will be commenting in Mark's blog about what I heard at the meeting later this week. I need to formulate it first. And I am working on another post from that same meeting. Stay tuned!