Monday, September 26, 2005

Synchronicity Journal 3 September 26, 2005

Today has been a day of synchronicity as far as blogs are concerned. Just last post I mentioned that there were two blogs who questioned why we are here. I have just landed on another blog that asks the same question. That now makes three. (The blog is Solitary Buddhist.) As if that isn't enough, today Mark's blog has a post on lucid dreaming. I then went over to There's No Such Thing as "the Ultimate Truth" blog and it had a post on lucid dreaming!

You may be saying, "So what?" Well, these just happen to be blogs that I visit every day that are listed on the side of my blog. And these blogs are multi-topic blogs. Out of any subject they could have picked, it had to be on lucid dreaming and the big question.


Castor said...

'are we here?

Castor said...

Be here and now.

Sophia said...


I don't know. Are we?

Or perhaps "we" is just Me. (Me with a capital 'M'.)

I've been looking at things from a Oneness perspective lately.

utenzi said...

Neat, Stacey. Now you're exploring Solipsism!

Sophia said...

Thanks, Utenzi. Another word to put into my head. :)

utenzi said...

Next word is nihilism but you won't like that one. Nope, not at all.

Sophia said...

I just looked it up on Wikipedia and it doesn't seem very pleasant. No, not at all. :( I think it is more comforting to believe my life has meaning.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea.
You and Me are one! We!
Anyway, this are just ideas and opinions.
Nihilism? If you mean there is no self or Self. Then I am a nihilist.
There are only "things".
And the self is just a thought, or is made up of thoughts.
But I believe in a single intelligence. Nature, God, Tao or Whatever. He is not "Selfish". He is simply everthing!

Sophia said...


All of philosophy are just thoughts and opinions. Philosophy is the language of the unprovable.

Nihilism is the belief that life has no meaning.

For a better look at Nihilism, you can go where I went:

Castor said...

"Nietzsche characterized nihilism as emptying the world and especially human existence of meaning, purpose, comprehensible truth, or essential value."
Then I'm afraid I am a nihilist.
Emptying the world of the self or Self, I am probably emptying it of meaning and value.

"Nihilism is often described as a belief in the nonexistence of truth."
Indeed I am!

"In the world of ethics, nihilist or nihilistic is often used as a derogatory word referring to a complete rejection of all systems of authority, morality, and social custom, or one who purportedly makes such a rejection."
Indeed. Indeed.