Thursday, September 29, 2005


See if you can answer some or all of these questions.

What is the first memory you can recall?
What was your first thought?
What was your last thought before reading this post?
What was your first dream?


Mark Walter said...

1. Being born as an individual soul.
2. Looking straight into the eyes of my Father in Heaven.
3. How many names anonymous has.
4. I don't remember.

Sophia said...

Hi Mark,

Wow, you do have a good memory. My memory is so bad I don't even know if I should give my own questions a shot.

I think the dream question is extra hard. I doubt anyone will remember their first dream. Perhaps I should have asked, "What is the first dream you remember having?"

Aaron said...

First memory: being on an airliner at the age of 1 and having a nosebleed. To be honest, I don't know whether this is a genuine memory, or whether I fabricated out of what I was told years afterwards.

First thought: as a toddler, I was walking with my parents in the parking lot of a hospital. I heard them mention the word "hospital", and I happened to be looking up at the clouds at that moment, so I deduced that the hospital must be in the clouds. (Budding logician that I was.)

Last thought before reading this post: don't worry to much about gossiping about other people. It may be petty, but hey, there are worse things.

First dream: the first dream I remember happened when I was a toddler. The stairs in my parents apartment at the time were those metal-framework kind with gaps between the steps, and I dreamt that I was falling through those gaps.

Sophia said...

Wow Aaron! You too have an excellent memory. As it happens, I've asked questions that I have an inability to answer, myself. Yes, it seems that even as a toddler you were growing into a logician.

Sometimes I don't know if my memories are real or ones that were implanted into my head from photographs or family relations.