Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dreams from September 18, 2005

Dream 1:

I'm in the hallway of a hospital. The floors are carpeted in a blue-ish color with a pattern of a little bit of other colors, like turquoise and purple. I have cats with me, and they're standing in the hall, too. I take note that they are being good because they are staying with me instead of running off. Another thing I take note of is how strange it is that I have cats with me in a hospital. (I should have realized I was dreaming, at which point I could have gone lucid!) I see someone else's cat walking up the hall towards me. It is a turquoise-blue color with other colored markings on it. I see its owner also walking up behind it and I say to the owner, "Your cat reminds me of a peacock."

Dream 2:

I'm looking down into an open washing machine that is washing clothes. It's a load of whites with bleach. I notice that one of my blue shirts somehow got in there.

Note: There was a lot of blue in my dreams this night. I wonder what that means?


Pollux said...

Dream 1 means:
You just avoided a "contagious disease" by visiting an hospital.
And you have lots of admirers, who all want to be your mentors.
But you have your eyes on someone's else guru, who you think is really arrogant and vain.

Sophia said...

Hi Pollux,

Well I'm glad I avoided a disease!

As far as having lots of admirers goes, I'm not so sure about that, but it is a flattering thought. :)

I have to say at this particular time I do not have my eyes on a certain guru, but I am learning from a small number of people. When the time comes that I accept a guru I will let everyone know. :)