Saturday, September 10, 2005

To Swim with Dolphins

I am so excited. From October 10th through the 14th I am going on vacation to Tulum, Mexico. As part of my adventure - aside from seeing ancient Mayan ruins - I will be swimming with the dolphins. I think this will be a very spiritual experience for me. I can't wait to feel a connection with them. I'll be able to glide on the water between two of them, and will even be able to kiss them!


Pistachio God said...

Spiritual enlightenment in Mexico?
If you really went experiences that will put you in touch with reality, then bugger Mesico, save for another year and come to my town. I live in Esperance, a little town in the south of Western Australia. We are quite isolated, but bloody hell, our beaches and bush are beautiful. Dolphins are a regular occurance and anyone who lives here who havn't swam with them probably can't swim either. Do a google image search on Esperance, Western Australia, West Beach for one of the local beaches.

Sophia said...

Australia is a country I hope to visit before my body ceases to exist. I'm sure the Land Down Under is just beautiful!

Gretchen Coleman said...

Stacey, the ruins at Tulum are very interesting. If you are into that kind of thing, go to Peru and see the Incan cities - they are spectacular.

I can vouch for Australia - definitely a great place to visit. But I have not been to the west coast, only the east coast and the interior.

Enjoy the dolphins - hopefully they are in the wild. No judgements, but I have issues with caged animals. Comes from living in Seattle where I got to kayak with the orcas.

Sophia said...

Hi Gretchen,

I'm like you in that I dislike seeing animals being caged-up. I don't go to circuses, and I rarely go to the zoo. I think that unless a wild animal has been permanently harmed, it should be free. But I can appreciate some havens for injured animals. At my local zoo, they have an eagle that is missing a wing. But it is still such a beautiful creature.