Saturday, September 24, 2005


My friend from India, Vino, is writing a book on dreams. He is seeking information on the concept known as "dream-sharing", where two people meet in dreams, either lucid or otherwise. If anyone has any information on this phenomenon or has actually experienced it, please get back to me so I can pass the information on to him.

I've already come across two good links, so far:

Thanks for your help!


RedBark said...

Many times I had the intense desire to share dreams but was never able to do so. Now I can not even remember my ordinary dreams.

In any case I am beginning to suspect that we are all together all the time anyway.

Sophia said...

Hi Beard,

I also have an intense desire to meet people in dreams, but I've not practiced on it enough to be able to do it. I would like to experience it someday.

You can remember your "ordinary" dreams if you work on it. I am by no means perfect when it comes to dream recall, but lately I've been remembering quite a few of them, which proves to me that everything comes with practice.

Oh, we are together all the time.

Ebba Enebarn said...

Hi Stacey,

I dream share a lot. Once you start doing it, it runs on its own devices. I think everyone dreamshares but since it is so tricky to remember all your dreams in the morning one might not be aware of it. When people think about you, you meet them in your dreams, or even in awake state, their faces suddenly pops up as you receive their thoughts. This is no difference in dreamstate. That is why I believe dream share is normal, as everyone gets affected by other people's thoughts about them. Which is why people in the public eye normally have great difficulty keeping sane and balanced as too many energies, thoughts are headed their way..

Sophia said...

Hi Ebba,

I think dream-sharing could point the way to a shared alternate reality!

RedBark said...

I suspect that Ebba is correct but I can not say that I know. There must be a lot of people thinging about you Stacey. Don't you meet any of them in your dreams?

Sophia said...

It's funny you ask, Beard. Just last night I had a dream which involved my boss. It was a rather personal dream so I won't share it here. And I have absolutely *zero* attraction factor towards my boss, with the exception of straight friendship. I of course would never walk up to him and say, "Hey boss... I had this dream last night where we were so-and-so. Did you dream about that, too?" Hahaa... I can see the look on his usually serious face, now.