Friday, September 23, 2005

Synchronicity Journal September 23, 2005

I sometimes keep track of synchronistic occurrences. I have a written account of some of my recent synchronicities. This is one that just happened a few hours ago.

Another blogger had reported that they had been on the ocean for a while. I commented that I'm about to go to the ocean, too. Then I went to read a page or two in a book and noticed the little globe on the cover had the word "ocean" on it. I hadn't noticed that word on there before tonight.

Synchronicity, when it happens, is something that makes me smile and take note.


George Breed said...

mmmm-hmmmm! We are wavings in this vast ocean and help call similarities into play with our focus. I appreciate your willingness to explore and open to adventure, Stacey.

utenzi said...

I had a touch of that synchrnicity thing today, Stacey. I even mentioned it in my blog. After we both mentioned the Cartesian mind-body problem, that same topic came up in the book I was reading. Weird. And I should finish this book tonight and start on Sophie's World.

Sophia said...

Hi George,

The more I focus the more I notice such similarities. Just last night Mark and I were discussing numerology and we found a few similarities between our favorite numbers and name numbers.

Sophia said...


I read your post. That's really something! I'll mention it on my blog, too.

I better speed-up my reading on this book or you'll leave me in the dust!