Thursday, September 22, 2005

Haiku for September 22, 2005

Green frogs in the grass
chirping secrets in the night-
What are they saying?


George Breed said...

They are saying
Blessings to you Stacey

b1-66er said...

don't always explore
things that you don't want to know
they say, "budweiser"

RedBark said...

me me me me me
me me me me me me me
me me me me me

RedBark said...

Mountain river bring to me
Something tasty something sweet
If quick or slow, perhaps a glow
You hide some tasty treats I know.

And bring a friend for me to love,
with warts and pimples great and small.
Much greener than this mossy bank.
Full quick of tongue, but not too frank.

Oh come my fair one, come to me.
We’ll love beneath this old oak tree.
Your slime and mine in joyful bliss
will intermingle when we kiss.

Oh Come to me and we’ll make love
In fair deep grass and midnight sun.

HolyInheritance said...


Everywhere says:


You have been dreaming.

Blessings, Bethie

Change said...

What are they saying?

Each one of the little green frogs, as most beings - including us, are saying: "I'm here".

The question is: Why are we doing that?

Sophia said...

Maybe we want someone to hear us. But who hears us? Or what hears us? Maybe nothing or no one but ourselves hears us.

Change said...

There is a perfect balance, we are always heard. But, the question remains: Why are we doing that?

Sophia said...

I'm not entirely sure. Maybe it is comforting to us? Just like when we are babies and we're crying because we're hungry. We want to be heard by our parents, who feed us and therefore comfort us.

Sophia said...

Thank you, George. :)

Sophia said...

:D b1-6634, that's great.

Sophia said...


I don't know which one I like the best. Both are equally deserving of an applause. (Upon reading your second, I am very convinced that you have talent!)

Thanks for writing a sweet poem about my little green friends. I will cherish it.

Sophia said...

Hi Bethie,

Thanks for stopping by. :)

RedBark said...

Thanks for the inspiration Stacey. Now I know, you are my muse.

Sophia said...

Me, a muse? Well I am surely amused! ;) Why thank you, Beard. You are very charming.

Castor said...

Everyone of them is saying:
Ikokak amkokak realkokakly kokak handkokaksome kokakprince!
Pleaseko kisskak mekwik.

RedBark said...


If from time to time I appear to give forth some light,
know that it is but a reflection of your good and honest grace
falling upon this otherwise dark and pensive countenance.

Sophia said...

Aw... Beard that is sweet. You are not dark. I like your presence. Anytime I've ever spoken with you it has been very pleasant. :)