Monday, September 05, 2005

Recent Dreams

Because I believe dreams are an important part of my life, I will start posting my dreams on this blog. I have many more in a dream journal. I may post some of my older dreams, but for now I'll just start with dreams I've had the past two days.

Dream from September 3, 2005 -

The nail on my left forefinger broke-off almost down to the cuticle.

Dreams from September 4, 2005 -

Dream 1:

This dream is in third-person. I see myself in a crowd of people. I think we're sitting on bleachers outdoors. I am naked. My left nipple has been cut-off and is laying on top of my left breast. Someone takes it away.

Dream 2:

I'm laying in a bed among many other beds. I think it is a type of dorm in a hospital or mental institution. There is some excitement in the room. A group of people have found a diamond ring. I ask to see it. They show it to me. They say they are going to keep it. I tell them that we should turn it in. I hold on to it so they don't keep it. I mean to see that the right thing is done with it - turning it in.

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