Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dream from September 29, 2005

(Note: In real life my dad and stepmom always go to bed around 9:00pm, even though both of them are retired and don't have to work the next day. Therefore, it's kind of a given that phone calls after 9:00pm shouldn't be made. I wouldn't call someone after 9:00pm anyway, unless it's someone like my mom who goes to bed later.)

In the dream I look at my watch. It's 10:48pm. I pick-up the cordless phone with the intention of calling my mom. I accidentally dial my dad's phone number. I don't realize it until it's too late. He answers, groggily, "Hello?" I speak into the phone, "Oh, Dad, I'm so so sorry." I make-up a lie, "I was using the memory dial on the phone and hit the wrong button." He replies in his sleepy voice, "You've really done it now, Stacey." I continue to apologize.

(Note: In real life my dad would be a little more forgiving than that.)


Rob said...

A few thoughts for what they are worth:

The time 10.48pm must be highly significant! Do these numbers mean anything in particular to you?

Subconsciously you chose to phone your dad -it was no accident.

Perhaps your dad represents an unforgiving part of yourself.(Characters in dreams usually represent different parts of ourselves.) Perhaps your note at the end suggests that you are harder on yourself than anyone else ever is.

Mark Walter said...

Has a sense of "astral travel" that you have been reaching for. It is possible, for example, that you really traveled to your Dad's bedside. And that he got annoyed with you! :-)

Sophia said...

Hi Rob,

Glad to see you on my dot of the blogosphere.

The numbers 10:48pm don't really mean anything to me that I can think of. But maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket today and picked the numbers 1, 0, 4, 8! :)

The numbers 1048 reduce down to 4 when using rules of numerology. The number 4 represents any one of these - Solidity, firmness, time, memory, reason. Funny how "time" is in there, and it was time that I was checking on my watch! I must just have to make note of this in my synchronicity journal. But, also, when I was younger I remember my father as being very firm, and the words "memory" and "firmness" are represented by the number 4.

Sophia said...


Sounds like something I might have done when I was a little girl. I guess we have to start somewhere. Astrally I am but a child, so I go to my father's bedside. When I grow, perhaps I can soar to the moon!

Pollux said...

The dream probably means:
You no longer accept your fathers' authority, so you deliberately broke the rule and provoked him - it was no accident.
That you you lied means you became smarter instead of remaining conditioned to tell the truth. It shows you were still afraid tho'.
That you kept apologizing means
you prefer to be peaceful and polite.
These are sure signs of becoming enlightened.

Sophia said...

Thank you, Pollux. Your interpretations sometimes correlate well with real life. I do prefer to be peaceful and polite and most any circumstance. Again, I think it's that fear of standing out too much. I've also been told, "You want everyone to like you. If everyone is not your friend, you get your feelings hurt."