Sunday, September 18, 2005

Another Dream from September 18, 2005

(I had this dream while taking a nap today.)

I'm in a movie theater. The whole theater is packed. We're supposed to watch a movie. It's not voluntary. We *have* to watch the movie. The screen is blank as the movie hasn't started yet. Strangely there is a red truck parked in the left aisle. A man comes up and gives me the keys. He selects two other people to get in the truck with me. We're the lucky three. He's letting us out; we don't have to watch the movie.

I start driving the truck. I'm not certain where I'm heading, but at a stop sign three dragon's heads appear before the truck. They're not malevolent. They're just there. I take a right at the stop sign instead of going in the direction where the three dragon's heads are. I tell the other two in the truck with me that I have somewhere I need to stop at real quick. I'm going to a guru's house.

At the guru's house is a book I had never seen before. It shows a drawing of me and the two others. The caption states that we are the three chosen ones. I feel special. To be selected by the guru is an exceptional feeling.

The next thing I remember in this dream, is that I am laying on a floor with a blanket around me. Underneath the blanket I have no clothes on. The guru comes in and sees me sleeping. He doesn't seem to happy about this. He wants me to get up. But I am too afraid to stand up because I do not want him to see me naked. I stay on the floor using the blanket as a covering. I hear him tell me that I can use my mind to create clothes. So, I concentrate hard and magically conjure-up a pair of underwear on my body.

What do I think this dream means? First of all, is it possible this guru could be my spirit guide in the dream world? I have never seen him before. Will I ever see him again? And what did he teach me? Why was I one of the chosen ones? I think that my nakedness was a sign that before a guru I am emotionally naked. He can see through me. He knows the real me; there is nothing I can hide. And, the creation of the underwear might be the way my mind creates my own reality, the reality that hides the true me.

What do you think?


Nina Wand said...

Hi Stacey,
Congratulations on your dream...It is a very very positive dream and it tells you you are ready to accelerate your psychic development. You have been picked as it were! The person picking you was most probably your guide, or one of them. You laying under a blanket, in fear of showing your nakedness, might indicate you still have some underlying fear of
the huge responsibility that awaits you, and as you said, you can have no secrets from your guides and the spirit world. It is time for you to stand up, as you are, with no fear, and throw off the blanket, very literally!
That was a very, very telling dream!

Nina Wand said...

I forgot to add the thing sbout you imagining underwear. In the spirit world we are all naked souls. But we can use our minds to create anything we want in spirit. Our house, our surroundings. Everything. That is one of the first thing a departed human learns when he crosses over. As in when they are worried they left their dentures behind and have no teeth.(very common apparently!)..Fine you can create with your mind the best set of pearly teeth ever!

Mark Walter said...

Perhaps the guru is upset about your sleeping because...

... being asleep on the other side is what most people are doing as they animate a body; it takes so much energy that this is all they can do. There are others, however, who can animate an incarnation AND be up and walking around, interacting on the other side simultaneously.

... and he is telling you, "c'mon, wake up, you are a chosen one!"

Pollux said...

Dreaming is the brain's way of sorting out the mess that was created in your mind while you were awake. You didn't have the chance to sort it out because you weren't observing them.
"To be selected by the guru is an exceptional feeling." It means:
You are still sold to the idea that some people have been "chosen" and therefore special. This is a religious or traditional idea that keeps people from getting enlightened. Enlightenment means getting rid of ideas that feed the ego, perpetuates vanity, and makes one vulnerable to exploitation.
"The guru comes in and sees me sleeping. He doesn't seem to happy about this."
You think that sleeping too much and laziness are bad habits. This idea doesn't wake up an enlightened being.
"I think that my nakedness was a sign that before a guru I am emotionally naked. He can see through me. He knows the real me; there is nothing I can hide.
It means: You have high regards for gurus and are afraid of their judgement. This is fear of authority, which is a sure sign of ignorance, lack of independence, fear of criticism, and lack of self-confidence.
"And, the creation of the underwear might be the way my mind creates my own reality, the reality that hides the true me."
You sorted it out yourself. Good job!

Sophia said...

Hi Ebba,

Thanks for stopping by. You have given my dream a very positive outlook. I do feel that I am ready to accelerate my development, whatever kind of development that may be. And as it is, it seems as though that acceleration has already begun. My journey started in January of this year, but it started slowly. Lately it seems as if I'm starting to move. I might be moving like a turtle, but as my friend Mark Walter says, "Slow and steady wins the race!"

Sophia said...

Hi Mark,

I spent 26.5 years sleeping on the other side. I think someone on that side came and poured ice on me because I feel as if something is starting to wake up!

Sophia said...

Hello Pollux,

Amazing dream interpretation! Everything you've said rings true. You're right about the ego thinking that there are "chosen ones". This is an idea I should perhaps get rid of. We are all chosen ones if we can only choose to believe that!

Also, my laziness is a habit that bothers me greatly. It's something I've been trying to get around. But could it be possible that spiritual laziness could get in the way? (i.e. not meditating enough, etc.?)

Your interpretation of the guru is correct, too. I do have high regard for gurus, but at the same time I have a fear of authority figures. I do dislike criticism and I must admit I have low self-esteem.

Very good dream interpretation!

It is true that our dreams can tell us a significant amount about ourselves. We might not like hearing the truth, but even in our sleep we cannot lie to ourselves!

Pollux said...

What do you mean by meditation?
If you mean developing some spiritual muscles, then maybe you are meditating for the wrong reason. It's not a question of developing spiritual powers, or even willpower. It's not a question of cultivating virtues like humility, simplicity, piety, etc. It has nothing to do with being good, nice, brave, strong, truthful, kind, etc. In short, it has nothing to do with "you". It has something to do with being aware of something. It's like when you "worship God", you are not aware of yourself.
Try to find out for yourself.

Nina Wand said...

Interesting discussion here. I just couldnt help to say something else.
Everyone's dreams are personal. What rings true to the dreamer is right. What vibrates within is right. I used to think dreams were like Pollux suggestion. Something changed and now I take deep heed of every dream I have. I see thing happen, they happen. I meet departed family members, they tell me things. Dates. It happens.
EVERYONE is chosen. Everyone will have accelerate awareness of something other in their lives.It is our choice whether we remain sceptical or whether we choose to find out more. We are all offered opportunities for self discovery. When the time is right, it happens. I suggested to Stacey that at this point in time she is ready for accelerated self discoery, psychic development, whatever you may wish to call it.
A guru is within us. Our higher self. God is within dreams we are presented with people, faces, symbols, that is easily correlated with our reference system. I e christians see Jesus, Indians see Gurus, etcetera. These are spirit energy, higher awareness energy on many many levels and ultimately within ourselves. I wish you blessings on your further development Stacey. It will be a magical, wonderful journey. Take it with humour,
joke and a great deal of sceptisicm too. That is always healthy. Ask for signs and double and triple signs. You will enjoy it if you don't take it too seriously!

Gretchen Coleman said...

I think there are people who are *chosen* for special assignments while on earth. They are the gurus, the ones who *wake up* early, life after life, and voluntarily come back to earth to help the rest of us. And I think those gurus bring in a team with them, souls who have agreed to help them with their earthly assignment.

I am not saying that they are any more special than anyone else - they are just more developed in this area than others. Just like I am very developed as a building commissioning specialist. Doesn't mean I am *better* than others, I am just better at this one thing than others. They will be better than me at other things.

So your dream may be saying that you are part of a guru's soul group, and you were *chosen* to assist in some assignment and it is time for you to wake up and do your part. And the naked part could be your reluctance to do your part or your reluctance for your guru to see that you haven't done your part - you are figuratively covering it up - even though the guru already knows.

Sophia said...

Hi Pollux,

By meditation I mean attempting to experience realization. I don't think I meditate so much to develop strong spiritual muscles, although I do believe with practice I can get closer to enlightenment. And, I don't believe I have to meditate to be kind; I believe that comes on its own to many people. It's like when you see someone falling. Do you have to meditate to help them get back up? No. Usually it is an instinct.

Sophia said...

Thanks, Ebba. Dreams have become a very important part of my life. When I was younger, I didn't pay much attention to them. They were just something you talked about to your friends, like, "Hey, I had this weird dream last night. It went something like this..." And then I usually left it at that. But now, I think, "What could that dream have been trying to tell me? What is the meaning of it? Should I try to use that dream in my waking life?"

Sophia said...

Hi Gretchen,

That reminds me of the Tibetan Buddhist Lamas' vow to return over and over until finally everyone becomes enlightened.