Monday, September 12, 2005

Lucky Sophie

As some of you know, I have begun reading _Sophie's World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy_, by Jostein Gaarder. I really envy the main character, Sophie, a lot. She's 14 years old and has a mysterious mentor sticking messages in her mailbox teaching her about philosophy. When I was 14 I only kept myself occupied with boys, math and video games. The word "philosophy" played no important role in my life. In other words, I was unaware. How nice it would have been to have had inspiration... motivation! Here Sophie is almost half my age and already is given insight into some of the most important and enigmatic questions of all of past and present. I'm just getting started. In high school and college it was computers and math. I never took a Philosophy course. I wish now that I had. Unlike Sophie, I didn't have anyone to guide me in the right direction.

I guess I should count my lucky stars. I suppose some people never take a look at philosophy. I might be late, but it's better to bloom late than never.


Mark Walter said...

One evening years ago Sensei and I were out walking under the galaxy. I don't remember the specifics of the conversation, but it was inspirational. Suddenly I blurted out, "I would gladly live an entire life to have one brief moment that was so bright it would help bring about a change. Even if it was only 1 second long, and even if my whole life was about nothing except that 1 second, and even if it killed me! It would be worth it." He was caught up in it too, and laughed in delight as he gave out an enthusiastic, "Me, too!"

I think your bloom is worth the wait... :-)

Sophia said...


I feel that we are lucky to have come to this point in our lives. I stop to think of all the people who won't even stumble upon this line of thinking in this lifetime. I'm happy to have been given the chance to even know that there is such a thing as Awakening, whether or not I awaken in my current life. At least I'm on the Way.

Now that I read what I've just typed, I'm afraid it sounds too much like spiritual pride. I guess there is such a thing. I should be careful.

utenzi said...

There was a book I read when I was quite young named "The Philosopher's Stone" by Colin Wilson. (A British author, not the cartoon fellow) And it examined themes that you might be interested in, Stacey. It also featured a young person that was learning about the great thoughts and concepts from someone older and wiser.

Sophia said...


I will definitely read that book. Oh no! My to-be-read stack is now taller than a mountain! :)