Monday, September 05, 2005


Tonight I've been blog surfing through sites I've found on Globe of Blogs. I've been glimpsing through topics like "Spirituality", "New Age", "Mysticism", etc. I ran into a blog and for some reason I feel a strange attraction. I don't know what kind of attraction it is. I think it deals with the mystery factor. The author leaves no hint of who he or she is; not even a trace of identity is on the blog, nor dates. It is completely anonymous. I wanted to get in touch with the author to tell them I found their blog and that it was very mysterious. But alas, there is no contact. But still, I don't know why I'm drawn. I think I know of two reasons. It mentions a field of crystal. I had a dream not too long ago about a field of crystal. It also feels as if the author is speaking directly to me.


Anonymous said...

Be careful. It could be a trap.

loren said...

Hi Stacy,

I appreciate your sincerity. It sounds like you're not afraid to search for truth wherever you may find it. So I'd like you to think about something.

There are many, very sincere people who explain to us the truth as they see it. But it is quite another thing to go beyond explaining truth, and to actually foretell futuristic events and explain their signifigance. This is what the ancient prophets did.

The prophets foretold the days of Jesus in perfect detail, right down to His thoughts in His greatest moments of trial. Most of this prophecy was rendered in first person. It is so detailed that it can be woven together to tell the story of Jesus' passion through His own eyes. Here is a link where this has been done:

The Sufferings and the Glory

When you have a little time, please check this out and see how well you think they called it. Warning, Jesus was in great distress so this is sometimes graphic and moving. But I hope God will use this to speak to you and 'enlighten you'.


loren said...

p.s. Stacy, starting yesterday on my blog we've begun a series on what it is like when God speaks to us. He has probably spoken to most of us before (probably to you as well,) it's just that most of us have never made the connection that this is what was happening.

Anyway, since you're so open, feel free to read some postings over the next few days and see if it interests you. Hopefully, it will sound familiar in some ways.