Friday, September 16, 2005

Dreams from September 16, 2005

Dream 1:

I'm running from zombies. I come to a right-yielding curve in the road, and instead of taking the curve on the road, I take a shortcut by just running through the grass to the right of the road, only it goes down deep into a valley, which means that running back up the hill to the road will slow me down and thus the zombies will be even closer.

I come to a village of houses that has their own defense army that watches over the village, protecting it from the zombies. I'm in the backyard of a house. There is snow all over the ground. Suddenly I'm wearing a pretty pink dress that has three-dimensional roses on it. As I wander around the backyard, some of the frilly roses come off and lay in the snow.

All over the yard there are high mounds of snow and deep valleys between them. I jump from the mounds into the valleys, feeling the soft thud of snow beneath my feet. It's almost a feeling of free falling.

There is a brown horse. I mount it. I give it a little kick to get it moving, but it walks slowly back to the house, not quick enough for me. I start saying, "Hee-yah!" and it begins to softly run back towards the house.

Back at the house, for some reason the horse now stands upright on its two back feet. It is standing and talking like a human, its body is more like a human with brown fur. I hug it, rub its chest and start kissing it.

Dream 2:

[In real life, David got $350 cash award from work a few days ago.]

In this dream, David wants to buy a $350 electric razor. I tell him that he is crazy, and of course he can't spend that much money on a razor. Later I remember that he won the cash award and tell him that he can spend his award money on the razor.

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