Saturday, September 17, 2005

Don't Worry, It's OK. :)

Do you remember the two raccoons that I hit three days ago? The ones I couldn't find when I got out of the car? Well... my father and stepmother live very close to the location where I hit them. They keep a backyard natural habitat complete with pond and other things for deer and other animals, and it is just a short way to the road where I hit them. I went to visit my father and stepmother today and my stepmother, who has no formal knowledge of my hitting the raccoons, tells me that she was outside cutting grass in broad daylight, when a plump raccoon starts walking toward her. She was suprised that in daylight a raccoon would be so bold! Then, even more astonishing and amusing, its little buddy was right behind it. I am convinced this is the pair of raccoons I hit that I thought I killed! I was so relieved when she told me this. All the grief that had built-up since Tuesday just vanished. Those were my two little raccoon buddies.

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