Thursday, October 20, 2005

To Karl

Where do you get your inspiration for your writings?


Anonymous said...

From recent experiences of mine or of people I know, mainly, Stacey. I try to extract something out of a specific experience that has some kind of more general resonance. Not everything I say is my point of view - sometimes it's what I think a friend or acquaintance might be thinking. Hey, where's that new pattern thingy you promised?



Sophia said...

On your blog you say a lot in so few words. As I've already told you and you probably already know, there are a few of your posts that sound like they were written just for me.

Just out of curiosity, have you ever though about writing a book?

Uh oh... I haven't made a fractal in a long time. I've been remiss in my duties. :) I'll make one just for you and post it really soon. I promise!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! No hurry!

I have thought about writing a book, but what a rigmarole approaching publishers, getting a few dozen rejection slips, being asked to rewrite stuff etc ... why do that when I can just publish it on the net? This is my reasoning anyway. I love the way you can have a thought and let the whole world know about it instantly... well, not the whole world, hahaha, just you! I put a blog counter on my site about 18 months ago, and it appears you are the only person who ever visits it!


Sophia said...

Hi Karl,

It is a true writer who writes not for money, but from the heart and for the heart.

I suppose all that publishing trouble would only take away from the beauty of writing. I can see where you're coming from.

By the way, I've made a fractal just for you. I've put it on one of my newer posts where I've moved an older dream from my old blog to this one. Enjoy! Thanks for the inspiration!