Monday, October 17, 2005

Nap Dream from October 17, 2005

I'm wearing a black t-shirt with David Bowie as "Aladdin Sane" on the front of it. I'm on a small speed boat in the water, and David Bowie is on another boat. I keep pointing at my shirt and trying hard to get his attention.

[Note: I'm a David Bowie fan. I fell in love with him as a young girl when he was in the Jim Henson classic called "Labyrinth". I became a DB music fan about three years ago. I saw him in concert last year.]


Pollux said...

Sorry to say I am not a fan of David Bowie.
I admire lots of beautiful women, not ugly ducklings like David.
Nowadays I listen a lot to Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin and Tiffany.
Sometime ago I was a big fan of the Spice girls and Britney Spears. Not anymore.

Sophia said...

Hi Pollux,

Oh you make a big mistake. :) David Bowie is anything but an ugly duckling! Now, I'll be fair and say that in his younger years he wasn't that attractive, but now, in his 50s, he is simply handsome. :) By the way, is Tiffany still making music? I haven't heard of her since the 80s!

Pollux said...

Well I have to find that out myself. All I have is Tiffany's 1996 - Greatest Hits. I think
she has some new albums or cd's.
Her new music seem to be catching on especially in Asia.
I saw her only once on BBC TV
a long time ago singing "I saw him standing there". And it was love at first hearing! There's something about her that really hit me. I don't know what it is.
What really interest me with music is really the human voice.
What some people can do with it.
I used to practice a lot imitating some artists' singing style including the quality and timber of the voice. It's the modulation, resonance, and accent that really attracts my attention. Women's voices are a lot more beautiful and more difficult to immitate; I can only do this when singing because then I don't have to worry about a lot of things.
Mary St. Buffy is also one artist I find interesting. But I can't find her music even on internet.
All I have is just one LP of hers.
She seems to be have become completely unknown here in Europe.
Shakira reminded me of her music.

Pollux said...

It's actually Buffy Sainte-Marie.
No wonder I can't find anything about her on internet.
Practically I know nothing about her, except that she looks like Pocahontas. Or Evonne Elliman. Hope I got that one correctly.
I ask people around here about Buffy, even older people, but no one seem to know anything about her. There is one well-known Dutch singer, world-famous in the Netherlands, who translated one of her songs, the Universal Soldier, and made a hit, but nobody seem to know who really composed it.

Pollux said...

Here is a link you may not want to miss:
Quite an artist this squaw.
Or quite a squaw this artist.