Friday, October 07, 2005

Nap Dream from October 6, 2005

This is a fragment of a longer dream that I had earlier while taking a nap:
It is nighttime. I am in a car driving down a road with headlights on. I come up to a dead dear laying in the road. It is bloodied. I feel sorry for the deer, and I become slightly upset, crying for it. I begin to turn left on another road. I am then at an angle to see that behind that first deer are many other dead deer laying on the road. Not two, not five, but maybe a hundred dead deer.

The next day I get ready to go to the site of the dead deer. I want to see if there are surviving babies that I might have a chance to rescue. It is daylight, and the sun is out. I arrive at the scene, but I avoid getting too close because by all the dead deer is a huge army of live deer surrounding the dead deer. I fear getting too close for they might attack me. They are there to protect their dead.

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RedBark said...

Good Morning Stacey,

Wow That sounds shocking. It is easy for me to visualize this since I feel overwhelmed by deer where I live. I often have to wait for families of deer to get out to of the way so I can get home.

Sometimes they slow me down enough to realize how beautiful they are, especially the babies. The adults are much more powerful and dangerous than I had thought.

As for symbolism, the first thought that came to mind is that the dear are your essense. Parts of your essence have been destroyed but it is still quite strong.

The interpretation is more an extention of the way I think than some kind of message or truth.