Monday, October 17, 2005

Haiku October 17, 2005

Fresh babbling water
Frog jumps off the lily pad
Catching its breakfast


Vino said...

Hey Stacey,
I can find that you like to keep yourself more self-knowledge oriented than flirty. Your blogs seem to be more towards real than surreal.
Frankly, I feel that i have lot detail to give you than just be a co-passenger.
Hope you are back from Mexico and that's why i can see ur message. Have a great time and I hope that I we have the common truth to identify and share than just be flirty.
Take Care.

Sophia said...

Hi Vino,

Glad to hear back from you so soon. It means we are talking in real-time. It's such a pleasure.

Yes, something has struck a chord in the past year. I've become more spiritual. Or at least, more philosophical. Maybe it's because I'm growing older. Maybe this happens to everyone. I don't know for sure, but I'm glad it's happening to me.

Yes, I am back from Mexico. I got back on Friday.

What kind of detail can you share?

Your friend,


RedBark said...

Good one Stacey,

Nice imagery.

Sounds like a good life.

R-r-ribit :)

Vino said...

Hi Stacey,

Yesterday night (here in India) I was watching the movie 'the usual suspects'. That's why I couldn't catch up with the blog.

The pleasure of talking to you (and this frequently) is mine.

What you have been realising from last year seems to be happening for me since when I was five. I think that is why I am so clear about the greater truth and hence my stability of thought.

Spiritual/Philosophical can also be described as the 'search of Facts' or 'urge to know' which is a human instinct. Where people live in different degrees of denial, some live in state of clarity to search for the ultimate truth. Though this statement will have a religious color I have to quote it just for the meaning its trying to convey.

"Undeniable is Logic", "Undeniable Logic".

Age is a measurement. Feeling young and old is different. As I started to think abt it a way back I personally believe that wisdom + feeling young till death is my way of living. What's important is how you feel about yourself and how you want to feel about yourself.

As I am from India, which is a place full of diversified cultures and being a son of parents from different religion I had a broarder perspective about everything.

Its the details that drive me that I like to share with you.

Will keep in touch with you and your blog.


Sophia said...


Sounds like a good life indeed. All except for the fly.

Sophia said...

Hi Vino,

I'm surprised at how late my "need to know" has come. Maybe that need is in everyone, and maybe it happens at varying degrees of age. I just hope that in what time I have left in this lifetime I will get something figured out. All I know to do right now is talk to my friends through this blog and read some books. I know books can't give me all the answers but they can get me started on thinking about what the answers might be.

I hope that I will stay young my entire life. Sometimes, now, I think I act too young for my age. I'm a 27 year old! I should be serious, but sometimes I feel that there is still this young girl looking out through these eyes, wondering why her vehicle must age.

I look forward to keeping in touch with you.

Vino said...

Hi Stacey,

If you have seen the movie, 'The Island' you will understand one thing apart from the movie in a critics view.

As we all humans, the hero likes to discover where he is from, who is cleaning their clothes, why they have to wear white color, etc.

Like the hero, we will find one day what life is all about. May be life doesn't have a meaning. May be human life form is just a cosmic mistake. Or may be god is there and his size or brain complexity is more difficult for our small reasoning brains. Or what we have been calling GOd might be a Alien or a Cosmic activity which was never there all the while except when we were created.

Reading, Learning, sensibility and reasoning ability helps. Coz we have the bad habit of reasoning everything. We want some reason behind everything. We say 'may be life has a meaning'. I say, "May be not!?!". Sometimes we convince ourselves unconditionally like Bible or fear of God. May be its all a venture to make ourselves civilised (which is a good point). May be religion and bible had a hidden agenda to scare us away from the things which sound dirty and make us unconditionally believe in God.

One guy told me that Bible was written by people who thought Earth was flat and Earth was created in seven days.

I did some part of my research in Bible too. But thats another story.

I think if you get sometime we chat once in a week in a Instant Messenger you choose. May be weekends.

Take care.

RedBark said...

Oh yes, I forgot the underdog.

You are so considerate, even of a fly.