Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Alien Song (for Those Who Listen)

NonDualReality made a post on his blog yesterday about aliens. He provided a hypothetical scenario in which aliens could give us a limitless supply of energy. The key word is "could". The question he asks is, "Would they?" They can see just what we've done to the planet and to each other.

This particular post reminded me of one of my favorite songs from high school. It's called, "The Alien Song", by Milla Jevovich.

Here are the lyrics:

I see a shining...
A sweeping from the clouds
A glimmer of hope
Is coming to feel our light
Oh look it's flashing
This life among the stars
Reaching out to know us
To feel our might
Oh...this restless hope in you
Please...try and help us
Stand on our own
As we stopped on this pavement
And saw your dying mind
Paper, for which you're killing brothers life
Help you, we cannot trust you
We cannot understand
Your people's proud destruction
Of their own land
Oh...we're flying on from you
We...will not stay to see your fate
Watch them fly away
Watch them fly away
See the lines across the sky
Watch them fly...away


Castor said...

Flying high,
Sensing some sigh
Then silence down there.

Nondualreality said...

Thanks for those lyrics Stacey, yeah that pretty much sums up what I was thinking when I wrote my post

RedBark said...

I think that it would be a mistake to give humanity more power or any kind.

Sophia said...

Castor, nice poem! I was just mentioning on Thom's blog that it seems there is a haiku/poetry bug that is catching. I'd say you've caught it!

Sophia said...


I only wish you could hear the music that goes along with it. Even though that album was made in 1994, it is a timeless piece of music. In fact, all the songs on that album are timeless!

Sophia said...


Especially when they do what they've done with it. Bombs, nuclear plants, etc. I fear it could only get worse.