Monday, October 31, 2005

Dream from November 27, 2004

The Vessel posted a really special dream about a hot-air balloon ride. While reading it, I was reminded that late last year I too had a dream about riding in a hot-air balloon. Here is my dream:

I'm riding in a hot air balloon with a man and his wife. They're in
their 50s or 60s. The basket of the balloon is not the usual basket,
but more like something from an amusement park ride, with a bar across
the front, and open space by the legs so it didn't feel entirely secure.
Below, far below, I saw cars and houses, roads, highways, trees, and

Each time the balloon turned I felt as if I was going to fall out. I
held on tight to the bar and got as close to the wall of the basket as
possible. The woman said she had to go out of the basket to fix
something below. When she got out, I was surprised at how much ease she did her work with, all the while I feel like I'm about to fall out.

When I can't stand watching her anymore, I grab one of her hands and
hold on. In fact, to feel I won't lose my grip, I then use both hands
to hold onto hers. (Remember, to her it was no big deal to be outside
the basket. I was the only one worried.)

Next scene: We're all three back in the basket, standing and looking at
the world below. The man is between me and his wife. He puts his hand on my back and starts stroking me. To put this in gentle terms, I felt aroused. I begin breathing heavily.

It is time to get ready to land, and we get closer to the ground, so
close we ride under an exit sign on the highway.


George Breed said...

Interpolation: Hot air leads to fear of loss of grip and sublimation by orgasm thus exit from the high way.

Sophia said...

This is a genius "interpolation"! I like how you play with words, George. Instead of exiting from the highway, I exited from the "high way". It makes sense.

Romy geissler said...

I never knew.

Pollux said...

A very difficult dream to interpret
without getting sexually aroused myself (just fantasizing).
Anyway, again I had it scanned by my computer dream-analysis program and it's quite revealing:
Riding a hot air balloon symbolizes
a desire for sex and not just sex in this case, but sex with a desire to compete. You are aware but not jealous (some improvement in your character) of the older woman's competence and experience when it comes to doing her job.
Inspite of all these, you are having some "spiritual fear" of falling from grace all the time (not unreal). Naturally, you turn to the older woman for support
and protection; the wife doesn't seem to mind this. It seems to go well so that you become actually aroused when the man starts stroking you. Finally, all's well, it ends well! So it seems.
Another way to interpret the dream is not to think about having sex at all, but of being on your way to find spiritual joy and fulfillment. And prefering an older couple, man and wife, to show you the way.
Just trying to be funny!

The Vessel said...

Upon reading this dream, I was reminded of the words once spoken to me by a Portugese translator interpreting for a Chinese bureaucrat. "Seua suposição é tão boa quanto o meu." Of course, I interpret pretty much everything that way. It minimizes the risk of being wrong. I also tend to believe many dreams are the result of chilidogs, though that does little to help with insight.
More likely, it is not the dream or the correct interpretation of it that matters, but the way we choose to interpret it that gives us real insight. I enjoy the blog and will return to peruse it further. Maybe I will find things that will help to make my own journey a little less chaotic.

Sophia said...


*giggles* George is our resident "word play-a"!

Sophia said...


*smile* ;)

Dreams like this are hard for me to announce publicly. I am only human and therefore I experience human emotions and experiences, and yes that includes arousal in my dreams. I do feel a little vulnerable having put this dream on my blog. I've had other, more sexual type dreams that I don't know that I'd have the courage to post on my blog. As far as that goes, I don't know if there are too many people who'd like to hear them. They might gross people out, I don't know! :)

Sophia said...

Hi Vessel,

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peak at my blog. I've been reading a little at a time on yours, myself. Blogs of our type are few and far between so it is always a joy to stumble upon a fellow traveller.

By the way, what does "Seua suposição é tão boa quanto o meu" mean?

The Vessel said...

It means "your guess is as good as mine". Thanks again for stopping by my little den of delusion. I am actually trying to go about this whole thing as if I was the first person to look into it, without reading so much on the subject that it might interfere with the way I might work things out on my own. I figure philosophy and spirituality had to have been researched that way at some point in the past, so why not try it now. It could also be because I'm hopelessly lazy, but let's just go with the first one. Of course, there is very little chance of me getting any further than giving myself a few class A headaches, but I figure the journey should be enlightening in some way. Even if I don't discover my golden road, I might discover some small insight into Self and that alone might be worth the journey.

Pollux said...

Don't be embarrassed. It's just a dream. Reality is really like that:
we are embarrassed about things that are perfectly normal.
Biblical Christians, I believe, think of the sexual act as the highest form of love expression and spiritual love between two people. That's why they want to keep it sacred and holy and within marriage. To keep it from becoming vulgar, and unhealthy.
Whether you agree or not, it should not be wrong to talk about it, even if it were only in a dream.
To tell you the truth I don't suppress my sexual arousal, I just keep it to myself. It doesn't mean I'm going to grab anybody in sight to gratify my sexual desire.

Change said...

Maybe the answer to the riddle is very simple: maybe you were aroused for very natural reasons, and the dream adapted itself, and maybe you could be attracted to a man quite older than yourself. There's nothing wrong in that.


Sophia said...


I think that your way is the best way to go about the journey. Then, it is YOUR journey, and you won't be tainted by other ideas. It's not such a bad thing, really, to be tainted by other ideas, but the way you're going about it promises a fresh perspective.

Sophia said...


Maybe I'll start a blog with nothing but my dreams, that way I don't ruin the atmosphere of this blog. Some of my dreams are completely off-the-wall, and I'm afraid they would surprise people. Sometimes they surprise even me!

Sophia said...


I didn't realize my dreams were that revealing. ;)