Friday, October 21, 2005

Dreams from October 21, 2005

Dream 1:

I have a new kitten [similar to the one in the photograph]. His name is "Jack". My bed is outside. I'm on the bed. I see Jack playing around a big patch of grass. I call to him, "Here kitty kitty kitty kitty!" He comes up to me and jumps up on the bed. I pet him. Suddenly I realize that his name shouldn't be "Jack". All of my other cats' and dogs' names begin with a "P", so I should keep it consistent and name the kitten differently, with a name that begins with "P". I think through different names like, "Paps", "Pips", etc.

[Note: I don't really have a new kitten in real life. I already have three cats and two dogs; that's more than enough! And all their names truly do begin with a "P".]

Dream 2:

I'm a passenger in a car that my sister is driving. She's in her lane when she comes up to a red truck that is facing our way in our lane. It's just sitting there. I start to get angry that the driver thinks it can just use our lane to block traffic. I start yelling and gesturing for him to get out of our lane and into the correct lane - the lane where traffic is stopped. Finally he starts to move to the other lane. I get out of the car and run up to his open window. I yell at him, "Don't you ever do that to my little sister! If you do I'll give you the finger!"

[Note: I woke myself up by screaming those words at him. This is another one of those dreams where I surprise myself by being so angry. I am not myself in these dreams of anger. Although, I will admit that sometimes other drivers in real life can anger me.]

Dream 3:

I keep seeing myself with long hair full of waves and volume. In my dream I'm just sitting there looking back at myself.

[Note: This is probably one of the first third-person dreams I've had of myself. In real life I do have long hair but it isn't wavy, nor does it have a lot of volume. It's mostly straight and flat.]

Dream 4:

I hear the girl I work with saying to my boss, "Stacey really is fast."

[Note: I think this has to do with the project I just finished. It's the first time there's been a deadline that I've helped my boss to reach. I worked really hard to get it done, and I had it finished just in the nick of time.]


Pollux said...

Dream #1:
You have a new admirer. Someone really special. Someone you would
tell all your secrets to. It could be me. Why don't you call him Pol. Or Plat, if you are not interested.

Pollux said...

Dream #2:
Be angry, if you can't help it. Suppressing anger can drive you even more angrier and crazier.
Feel it without trying to control or hide it. Don't be afraid of being angry if provoked.
Preventing anger might be a better
alternative, if anger becomes a habit. How? Don't take things personally. See ideas as opinions or suggestions and nothing else.
See everybody as friend and ally. This is real courage and strength. Forget about He-man.

Pollux said...

Dream #3:
I have long black hair like Jackie Chan's. I always wanted to wear Chinese braided hair when I was younger, but didn't want to attract attention.

Dream #4:
You are aware of competition. Don't suppress it. Be competent.
And try to be helpful as much as possible.

Sophia said...

Hello Pollux,

Dream #1: Me, an admirer? I should be the admirer, not the admiree. :) After all, there is so much in life to admire.

Dream #2: I rather not like being angry. It makes me feel like a completely different person, someone I should not be. Yet at times it shows itself like the ugly beast that it is. It's difficult to control and sometimes it escapes from its cage, but I do think there is a leash attached to it and when I realize this, it's not to hard to yank it back to its cage. But, I have heard that its bark is worse than its bite. :)

Dream #3: I rather like long hair. It looks good on both genders.

Dream #4: In a way, there is a form of competition, but the only person I'm competing with is myself. I want to give the best impression possible, for if I do, it will benefit me in the long run. I don't know if anyone's interested in my personal life so I won't go into details here, but it has to do with my career.

Vino said...

Personally Dream3 seems to interst me a lot.

Self absorbed and that projection in matrix terms look like a mental projection inner self. i.e. how we like to be seen or how we see ourselves.

The remaining dreams demand dream interpretation.

By the way, have read "The Interpretations of Dreams" by Sigmund Frued ?

I am currently trying to read it. But is is demanding a lot of attention. So I am jumping between topics for a while.


Sophia said...

Hi Vino,

No, I haven't read that Freud book. Maybe it's a book I'll put on my list to read sometime in the future. That list sure is long right now!