Saturday, October 15, 2005

The State of My Dreams in Mexico Plus Some Dreams from Today, October 15, 2005

I can't remember a single dream from Mexico. During my trip I tried to recall a dream, but I think I did this practice too late in the day. You see, I was too excited to practice dream recall. In the morning, upon awakening, I had other things in mind. I would be thinking about my events for the day and I'd be too excited to think about dreams.

I do have some dreams I remembered from today. I have pretty much slept all day. With the exception of getting up long enough this morning to rescue the dogs from the kennel, I slept from about 2:00 am this morning to 5:00pm this evening, for a total of about 13 hours. I still had a hard time waking up.

Dream 1:

There was a bench that David was about to sit down on. There was a long pole sticking up out of it. I warned him not to sit down, but it was too late. He impaled himself on the pole. He got up slowly with a horrible look on his face, making a terrible sound with his cries of pain.

Other misc. dreams:

I've had several dreams of one of my tour guides from Mexico. The guide's name is Mosiah from the Tulum ruins site. I don't remember the dreams, just that he has been the central character in them.

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