Friday, October 21, 2005

Synchronicity Journal October 17, 2005

Amos Newton reminded me that there are people out there who are interested in reading about my synchronistic occurences. So this one's for him:

Monday, October 17, 2005

My computer at work was not functioning, so I had to use another computer that belonged to an ex-employee that moved away for another job. I was on Google searching for things related to amber and fossilized insects preserved in amber. Then it hit me, the girl that used to sit at this desk was named "Amber"!


Rob said...

Is it possible that subconsciously your memory of her name prompted you to search for amber?
Although there may well be something in synchronicity there is also a danger in looking too hard to find it. Like astrological predictions it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
That is my two pennyworth!
Incidentally I read your dreams but I don't feel qualified to comment on them usually.

Sophia said...

Hi Rob,

Actually, the reason I was looking for amber and fossilized insects on Google was because I had purchased an "amber" ring while in Mexico. I was reading articles to determine if it was possible the ring could be a fake. I've learned that some "jewelers" fake the amber by making a resin-like substance while placing insects and other creatures in the substance. I hate to say it now, but I think my "fossilized ant" may very well be a fake, but I won't be able to tell unless I look at it under a UV light, which I don't have. I'm afraid to look. I was actually fond of the idea of having something that old, but then that's the mistake of material desires. I promise I'm not much of a shopper, nor do I desire riches, but one thing I am fond of is sterling silver and other items like jade, opals, etc. I guess I can make the excuse that I enjoy the gifts that Mother Nature has to give us.

By the way, is anyone "qualified" to comment on dreams? Am I even qualified to interpret my own dreams? I think dreams elude us all.

Vino said...

Hi Stacey,

No one can be qualified. But as far as I know, we haven't cracked the code of dreams yet.

But when we do. We will discover too many answers about life. Thats for sure.

Even the great Sigmund Freud can just categorise, theorise his assumptions and decide on pattern and history of his cases.

If he lived today. With help of the technological advencements of present day, he probably could have made a step towards cracking it.

About this blog... Life with the population of the world is all about countless possibilities and probability. But to our view point we interlink and find a pattern and want to be excited by it. Its a habit from our forefathers. First assume. Slowly one day the verification will be discovered.

And believe me the other side of the arguement can also be true.
May be one day we will find we have something called fate and their connection with stars and God.


Castor said...

Synchronicity is something I know
nothing about theoretically.
Coincidences are things that occur to us almost everyday.
Things seem to happen in relation to other things. And it seems to be working in our favor.
But I think when thoughts lose their meaning and power, coincidences lose their significance.

Sophia said...

Hi Vino,

Maybe someday, if we crack the code of dreams, we will discover answers. So many answers we'll wish we hadn't cracked the code.

Sophia said...


The big question is, is synchronicity simply a coincidence? Or is synchronicity proof that all is interconnected?