Monday, October 24, 2005

Dream from September 2, 2005

[Note: These scenes may not be in order, but I believe they're from the same dream.]

I'm at some kind of freak show, I think. There are certainly "all types" around.

I'm carrying a big bone of meat around with me. I want to give it to "Wolfman". I ask around for Wolfman, and tell some of the crew that I have some meat to give him, and they say, "Why don't you just give it to him?" and they point to a lion. I ask, "Will it bite me?" They respond, "No." So I give the meat to the lion.

In another part of the dream, there is an extremely tall woman - a giant - about to come indoors to the building I'm in. I hold the door open for her, saying, "For the lady." She thanks me and bends down to walk through the door.

In yet another part of the dream I'm carrying around a bone of meat. For some reason I'm holding it in front of my face, trying to rip it away because that little thing that hangs down in the back of my mouth - the uvula - has somehow attached itself to the meat and won't let go, almost as if it's come alive. I feel as if I'm choking, and I can't rip the meat away from the uvula.

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Pollux said...

Your dream seem to be telling on you! Well it all depends on how it is interpreted.
By the way, sorry about an expression I used in one of my comments. Luckily I am not American and not very aware of some americanisms. It's quite understandable. It all depends on how you interpret it. Anyway, I truly admire her for her talents
and achievements. Sometimes words
just get in the way.
This dream sounds quite clear as to its meaning. But to make sure I don't offend or disparage you I consulted a dream-analysis program I just installed in my computer. Some of the keywords
scanned are: bite, bone, building,
door, face, giant lion, want, will.
To sum it up, this dream seems to be about your basic instincts like fear and anger and inner feelings that you seem to be suppressing. Perhaps fear of authority, power, and cruelty, as
suggested by the lion. Awe and respect for adults or older people and superiors as exemplified by the giant woman.
It also says something about your own basic desires and ambitions
which you can't apparently hide or control.
As a consolation, it seems you're beginning to come to terms with your inner self.