Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dreams from October 19, 2005

Dream 1:

I'm in a room with lots of people around my age that are lying on the floor smoking something. Someone gives me some. It's a plant. The plant is tubular with leaves growing out of the tube. The trick is to light the end of the tube and suck in the smoke through the other end of the tube. The leaves burn causing smoke to come through the tube. I get high.

[Note: I'm not a drug user in real life. I have tried marijuana a couple of times in my past, but I've never been a so-called "user". I've also smoked a legal plant known as "Salvia" while on a part of my spiritual journey.]

Dream 2:

I'm sitting in the passenger seat of an empty car in a driveway somewhere. Someone I've spoken to on the internet several times is outside the car but he doesn't notice me. I don't want him to because I feel that I don't look my best that particular day.


Pollux said...

Dream #1:
I'll make an attempt at this one, altho I've never tried drugs before. I used to smoke tobacco and drink a little alcohol now and then. Alcohol has tremendous
effect on me that I can get high just having a single bottle of beer. And it feels like I become everything and can do anything without effort. One time I tried doing aikido under the influence and I ended up doing something else; even my teacher was amazed.
I have the idea that when you stop suppressing your thoughts, you discover a lot of things that are almost supernatural. Yet something is telling me not to go any further. I used to have great fear for the supernatural: fear of losing control. But that is gone when I realized there is really nothing "supernatural". Everything is natural and supernatural.
About the dream. Well, it seems to be telling you: you don't have to experiment with drugs to find out what enlightenment or lack of it is.

Pollux said...

Dream #2:
Is it a dream or just
Unfortunately I don't have this kind of dreams. I only have them when I daydream. No kiddin'!