Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dreams from October 8, 2005

Dream 1:

(This is just a fragment.) I'm flying high up in the sky around the clouds. There are other people in the distance flying, too. There is a city bus up in the sky that is stopped and I go to the door to get on the bus.

Dream 2:

A younger guy asks me to come smoke something with him. I follow him to a secluded place. He has a brown cigarette-looking thing. He asks me, "How much do you want?" I try to be polite and say, "Just give me however much you want me to have." So, he clips off a tiny amount, so small there is really nothing there to smoke. He takes his and sticks it up his nostril and accidently lights it. It catches fire and burns, and he starts to panic thinking it will burn him. I tell him to calm down, that it won't hurt too bad. Finally it all burns out. He asks how I knew it wouldn't hurt. I answer, "Because your nostril is slightly moist. It helps to put out the fire."

Suddenly there are some men walking towards us. They have a car. The wind starts blowing really hard. Dangerously hard, in fact. I can't hardly hear anything but the wind. The men that are walking towards me yell at me, "Hurry and get in the car!" It doesn't register with me. I stand numbed in the wind, feeling as though I'm about to be blown away. Just in the nick of time, one of the men grabs me and quickly pulls me to the car. He opens the rear door and throws me in, slamming the door behind me. When he closes the door, it quiets down inside the car, but I am watching at all the damage being done outside the car window. There is another girl in the backseat of the car with me.

One of the men gets in the drivers seat and slams on the gas pedal, putting the car in reverse. He runs the car through a forest, and I am afraid he will hit a tree, but he doesn't. He drives forward and somehow, as if through a portal, we end-up on a highway in Mexico. There are highway signs around us in Spanish. I think to myself that I had Spanish in high school and college so I can translate them.


Pollux said...

Dream #1:
This reminds of Harry Potter films. Perhaps you have the idea that enlightenment has something to do with magical powers like flying. Maybe it does.
If you can fly in your dreams, then you are really flying. Since ordinary reality is made up of thoughts, our reasoning and imagination, then maybe dream reality is as good as ordinary life. But is life the way we see it an enlightened life?

Pollux said...

Dream #2:
In the dream a guy wants you to escape from reality with him. But even in escaping, you realize
people can be very selfish, wanting to have more share of the pleasure than others.
Inspite of this you keep your cool and think logically. You know that escaping can be dangerous but not so dangerous
that you stop trying to escape.
It shows that escaping from reality is part of reality and
it is not always wrong.
Escape, Stacey, escape if you must. This is the advice I would give you if I were your aikido sensei.

RedBark said...

Great dream Stacey.