Saturday, October 01, 2005

Dreams from October 1, 2005

The last dream in this post is very significant to me. Somehow it has touched me and I can't quite explain how. Have you ever had a dream that leaves you with strong emotions? Well, that was one of those dreams. The first few dreams I'm posting aren't too important, but I'm keeping them in my dream journal. The last dream - the one I've been talking about - I had today while taking a nap.

Dream 1:

I am Willie Nelson's girlfriend. (Don't remember details, just feelings.)

I think the only reason I dreamed this is because a few months ago I saw Bob Dylan in concert and Willie Nelson played before Dylan.

Dream 2:

My stepmom is over at my house. She needs to use the bathroom. Inside I panic because I don't think my bathroom is very clean. When she is inside the bathroom and the door is closed, I hear her say through the door, "I love you, Stacey." I tell her I love her, too.

Dream 3:

I'm down on my hands and knees in the shower stall with a cleaning brush scrubbing the shower stall's floor.

Dream 4 (Nap dream):

Someone I don't know has just sent me a necklace with charms on it. I'm looking at each separate charm carefully. One is a little silver charm that has something carved into it. It reads, "Stacey, we are soul mates." There is another charm, it is a blue glowing charm, as if there is a little light inside it, but it glows mysteriously. Another charm looks round, almost like a blue coke bottle lid that has been flattened out. It too has something carved into it. It reads, "I vow to email you to let you know who I am." Somehow I get the feeling I'm not supposed to tell anyone about this necklace.

In another part of the dream, I'm talking to a wise man. I want to tell him about the necklace I've received but I remember I'm not supposed to mention it. For all I know, the wise man could have been the one to have sent it to me. He could be judging my ability to not tell secrets. But still, I am not entirely sure it was him. In the yard of the wise man are about 16 or 20 brass plate-like shields with colorful symbols that he has painted all over them. Someone in the yard is there to take them all away or to destroy them. I run with all my might to try to save one from their doom. I make it. I grab one and run off with it. The man that is there to take them away will not be able to catch me. I arrive somewhere and put it in a white plastic bag.

I don't know what to make of last night's/today's dreams. The first three - especially the first one - seem very plain and just everyday-type dreams, nothing to bother interpreting. But this last one is still with me. I don't know how many of you go on about your dreams, or how they leave you feeling, but I wish I could go back into this dream and find out the answers to some of my questions, like, "Who sent me the charm necklace?" "What were those shields?" "Who was the wise man?" The wise man also didn't just seem wise, something about him also told me he was magical. Another question I'd like to know the answer to is, "Why was that person there trying to take away/destroy the brass plate-like things?"

One other thing of note: There is more blue in my dreams again. I've been seeing this a lot lately. So much that I know it must mean something.

Feel free to leave any interpretations, questions or comments about this dream on my blog.


Rob said...

I have a hunch that the first three dreams are more important than you seem to think.
Perhaps the person who sent the necklace is none other than your true self trying to get through.
As for the man who is trying to take or destroy the shields: unfortunately there are always those who are intent on opposing the wise.Perhaps this represents a part of you which is afraid of enlightenment! (I have problems in that area for sure.)
Incidentally a well respected psychotherapist once told me that the best interpreter of a dream is usually the dreamer. If it is not too confronting -why not start by giving us your interpretation?

Pollux said...

Dream #1:
You're probably more attracted to older, wiser, and and more talented men. I admire your choice. I wish I were Willie Nelson. Bob Dylan is not such a bad choice either. I used to be a big Fan of both. I used to immitate Bob Dylan, accent and all, and a lot of people think I sing better. But most people say I look like John Lennon, with or without spectacles. How about that? Old men are not always wise, and wise men are not always old.

Dream #2 & 3:
Probably about how you feel
about your stepmom. Keep it a secret, especially from your dad.

Dream #4:
A teacher, a guru, or a shaman is trying to keep and strengthen his influence and control over you.
The wise man is trying to protect you by shielding you from 16 to 20 possible dangers. By running away with one shield you protect yourself and at the same time divert his attention, which is a very good strategy.
Of course, the other interpretation, Rob's, might also be correct. In which case, "the wise man" is trying to prevent you from getting rid of all 16 to 20 delusions. But if you think the wise man is really a wise man, then you have to stick to the first interpretation.
Otherwise, you have to interpret the dream yourself. Keep your eyes and mind open, even if it is only a dream. If anything, Pollux and Castor are there to shine and keep an eye on you!

Anonymous said...

What if these dreams are just more illusions to lose yourself in?

Could 'solving' the puzzle of a dream, or the, 'hidden message', make a difference?

No one else experienced your dream, couldn't it just be like sitting down to watch a sitcom on TV, no point to it, just filler to avoid being with oneself?

Sophia said...

Hi Rob,

Good question. What do I think these dreams mean? Well, I have no idea about Willie Nelson. I'm not a country music fan although some of his music isn't too hard core country and I can tolerate it a little. But I do like his old smile. Something about him can cheer up a person.

As for my stepmother, I love her just like a real member of my family. But I do always wonder if my house is clean enough to be seen by others. I always think it wouldn't meet others' standards. Maybe that is why I dreamed about panicking over her going into my bathroom, and my cleaning the shower stall.

As for the wise magical man, I am prone to believing that there might just be spirit guides in another realm, and perhaps he is my spirit guide. I also like the idea that there might be soul mates in another plane.

Sophia said...

Hi Pollux,

Funny you interpreted my dream that way. I am more attracted to older and wiser men. Although I don't think I'd hit it off with Willie Nelson. He's famous but I'm not attracted to him. Looks don't matter to me much, but I admire intelligence and wisdom. Somehow I don't see Willie being the wise old man of my dreams. *laugh*

Pollux, if you look like John Lennon you should get a blog started and put-up your picture. They do have Elvis impersonators. Maybe you can start impersonating John Lennon. :)

I don't have to keep it a secret from my dad that I love my stepmom so much. She has always been a close member of my family and I love her dearly. She is a gentle soul and her spirit is warm.

I still don't know what to think about my last dream. It'll probably be something I'll think about for a while.

By the way, are you also Castor?

Sophia said...


If there is no point to dreaming, why do we have dreams? Do you think it's possible we have dreams as a means of teaching us things that could further our advancement towards enlightenment?

RedBark said...

Hello Stacey,

Night dream are just like day dreams. That is, just idle imagination.

Observing dreams gives us a chance to see what kind of thoughts are circulating in our imagination(day and night).

We all know by now that this dream(#4) is typical of your psychology. You are fascinated by wise, mystical figures. You have an energenic sense of right and wrong(saving the medalians)(not telling the secret). And possibly you are hoping for someone to sweep you off your feet. Could it be that these same tapes are playing all day long. It is all a barrel of monkeys.

Day dreams, night dreams
it is all the same.
Imagination takes your place
and makes you quite insane.

Still, I would rather hear about your dreams that not hear from you at all.
: )

George Breed said...

We are mages, magi.
We have i-mage-ination.

It is a power. It is a tool.

I can dream into and make sign-ificant anything around. Take this mouse, for instance. I dream it speaks to me of matter connecting with spirit. When my hand is closed around it, I am connecting via its umbilical cord to cyberspace, a realm of spirit. Mouse gives me eagle view.

Everything is of sign - ificance.
If we wanna make somethin' of it, we make somethin' of it.

It is all a dream and it is no dream at all.

I like the poetry of dream.

I like more standing naked outside all interpolation, interpretation.

I like not escaping into phantasms and phantasy and phantoms.

Here now is plenty enough.

But if you want to play dreaming, I will play too.

Because I like who you are.

Pollux said...

Castor is the philosopher; I am the enlightened one.
Just kidding. I don't really know if I believe in enlightenment.
Try finding out if we are twins or just one person.
About being a look-alike of John Lennon, that is something most people say at first glance. I think I look more like a cross between Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.