Monday, October 17, 2005

The Soul

"What the soul knows is often unknown to the man who has a soul. We are infinitely more than we think."

(Extract from one of Kahlil Gibran's letters dated 6th October 1915)


Zareba said...

I am also fond of Kahlil Gilbran. I see that your path has found you early in life, as mine did. By my early teens I was asking the bigger questions and finding out that the more I learned the less I knew.

You have a wonderful, terrible, joyous, grieving, journey ahead. Remember to tread your path with one hand out in front to accept help from those who are ahead, and one hand always stretched out behind to help others over the rough spots you have traversed.Another way to put it would be to carry a light and a mirror so each person you meet may discover their own truths in the light you shed.

I am pleased to have met you. ...Z

Sophia said...

Hi Zareba,

I am very pleased to have met you, too. I have started somewhat early in life, but had I started in my early teens I might be a lot further than I am now. I've only been on the path now for about nine months. It feels like I've been taking baby steps. But having met people like you along the way helps and I start to feel more confident. I have noticed lately that I've been seeing the lights from many travelers' flashlights, therefore I'm tripping a lot less. When I first started, I had a teacher, although I didn't know it at the time. Maybe I should have appreciated that more because I'd probably still have one if I had. But, the fact is that now I do not so I am relying on my own inner instincts and these new lighthouses that are my friends that I've met on this and other blogs.

I can only hope that someday I can help shine my light for someone else.

Castor said...

"We are infinitely more than we think."
Yes! We are really everything.

Sophia said...


Hi! Yes we are. :)