Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dream Journal - Last Weekend's Dream

I forget what day I had this dream on, but it was either Saturday the 25th of February or Sunday the 26th. It's difficult for me to explain this dream, because I only remember bits and pieces of it and fitting it all together is a little bit of a task, but I will try my best. I think in this dream there was a lot of symbolism and I'd be very interested to get any opinions on what you think they mean.

And now, the dream:

I'm in a plane in the back row of seats. I'm seated by the window and the plane begins to descend. I can feel the sensations of the descent in my stomach. It's really a very pleasant sensation, as if I'm free falling but everything is safe, and I'm not worried. I look outside the window and I see brown wet lands. It is a swamp.

I'm in the plane because I'm considering leaving my job and moving to a new home. I'm to look at a house that I might be purchasing.

I'm in the house, now. It's not a large house. It's just a nice average-income home. The people who used to live here have already left the house, and it is mostly empty but there is still a lot of stuff left here. They told me before I came that I was welcome to keep anything if I wanted it. I look in a closet. There is a black garbage bag inside. I take it out and open it. Inside is a collection of horror magazines. I glance through some of the magazines filled with scary pictures and I decide I want to keep the bag.

The dream shifts. Now the house is like a large museum and souvenir store. It's a museum of statues from different religions. The museum is dark, but I'm wearing a large wooden bracelet that has Buddha's head on it. The head is surrounded by burning candles. The bracelet lights my way.

Next I am inside the souvenir store. I am looking at sterling silver rings. The rings all have symbols from different religions. I grab a ring and put it on. It is shaped in the form of a head of a Native American Indian. I want to buy it. Also, I grab a necklace with a white rectangular porclain charm. On the charm is the word, "Illuminati". I intend to buy that necklace in addition to the ring.

There is more to this dream that I do not remember. But, there are many symbols here: the Buddha head bracelet with the candles, the Indian ring, the "Illuminati" charm. I wonder what it all means? I don't really know who or what the Illuminati is, although I've seen the word before. I know it is some kind of club, perhaps like the Freemasons.


goatman said...

Boy, you sure do have elaborate dreams! I'm lucky if I can make out a face or realize where I am. I used to have flying dreams, in my carefree days, where I would soar just above the treetops. The powerline wires would present themselves as barriers though, and it was difficult to get above/thru them.
Looked up "illuminati" and you're right, it was a secret society centered in Bavaria of all places! One of a series of groups through history thought to be controlling worldly events. Lately, I guess, similar to the "Trilateral Commission" manned by the Rockefellers, Kissinger, and other movers and shakers. But in your dream it could be only another mysterious symbol of possibility; as were the religious symbols, I may conjecture.
My last dream just involved me talking to a friendly guy cleaning fish!?

Sophia said...

Hi Goatman,

Glad to see you here.

I'm frustrated with my dreams. It's really a bittersweet thing. When I remember my dreams, I remember many details and can type out a nice long story. But, it is very rare that I remember them. So, I'm cursed with the inability to consistently remember my dreams, yet I'm blessed with the ability to describe my dreams with detail. I would like to work on my dream recall.

Ah yes, flying dreams. My favorite. They make one feel so free. You can wave and show-off to those that walk on the ground below you. They look up at you with envy as you fly high above them. It's like having a super power! I think your powerlines are similar to the tree branches that I sometimes face. The tree branches are the barrier for me. They always smack me in the face.

Thanks for looking-up "Illuminati". I've really been wanting to look it up on the internet but I've been either too lazy or busy doing other things.

Talking to a guy cleaning a fish! Hmmm..... Do you remember what you both were saying? There might be clues in those conversations!

anonymous julie said...

Second person mentioning a dream today. First was at ...


Imemine said...

The meaning seems pretty obvious:
you are exploring the possibility of enlightenment thru mystical religion or mysticism, Christian, Indian and Native-American. Yes, it can be scary, as it can be full of dangers, at least if you don't know what you are doing. Fortunately, you have some knowledge of Buddhism to lead and protect you in your exploration. May the Buddha's wisdom and insights protect you.

Scott said...

Like that you post about dreams,, I have had a dream journal for almost 30 years or so,,, a fascinating look into ourselves.... If you have the time read Man and His Symbols by Jung as it really helped me develop my own method of interpeting my dreams. I found your blog through Matt at EMPATHY. Great blog, I will return and hope all your 'good' dreams come true.
We can talk Illuminati too. a fav topic.