Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dream Journal - March 2, 2005

This is going to be short. I don't hardly remember a thing from my dreams last night, but just now, at 9:00 pm I was practically shot down by a vivid memory of last night's dream. If you're hungry for a dream story, this probably won't satiate your hunger, it's only a few lines long because it's all I remember.

I was on my bicycle. The front tire had training wheels. Even though it was an adult bike there were still children's training wheels on the front tire. I was riding on a boardwalk that was up in the air a bit of a way above the ground. There were no guard rails. It would be easy to fall off the board walk onto the ground below; one could be either greatly injured or killed. The further I rode on the boardwalk, the more narrow it became. Soon, it was just an inch wider than my front bicycle tire, and the training wheels were off the edge. If I were to lose my balance and begin to tilt, there would be no board to place my feet on, I could simply fall off. Before too long, the narrow board turned into a line, and then curved into nothingness. It simply stopped.

The next scene, I'm in a restaurant. That's all I remember.


corewell said...

My understanding and experience is that our path narrows as we become more conscious, more aware, and more spiritual than material. Your writing sounds like the path moved from 3 dimensional to 2 dimensions as a line on paper...perhaps a journey from 'out-there' to 'in-there'.

RedBark said...

It is when that sort of thing happens to me in real life that change can happen.

Scott said...

I just read some of your blog, very enjoyable.
Keeping a dream journal is a smart move on reaching 'enlightenment' keep it up. The best 'teacher' is always ourselves,, whom we tend to disregard for more flamboyant gurus. Remember it is ALL WITHIN.

Franklin said...

I agree with Scott.

The questions seeking people ask of others should first be asked of Yourself, Spirit, God, Divine Mind or which ever name you choose to use and give yourself time to recieve an answer.

Very deep and difficult to put into words matters will become known and as if very simple.

Others who have gone before can lend understanding and comfirmation, but one should allow light to come from yourself to yourself.

Imemine said...

Obviously, you are trying to learn some difficult trick without any assistance. Of course you don't need a teacher to learn this trick but at least you need some aids or tips, to learn how to do a more difficult or dangerous trick. However, it doesn't mean you can't learn it all by yourself. Do a little bit of thinking before you do it.
Anyway, you don't have to learn or do this trick. It is not necessary in order to be able to walk or bike.

corewell said...

be now.. like your comment. You make me wonder how much of dream experience can we count as life or living experience. Perhaps it's all
dreams seeming real.Is that going over the edge?

RedBark said...

Thank you Corewell,

No you are not over the edge. In fact I think that you have got it right.

Ouspensky said that at night we have night dreams and in the day we have day dreams and that they differ very little. I am afraid that he was not exaggerating.

Real things do happen when we are awake but our experience of them is not real. We spend almost all of our time in imagination, thinking about the future, the past, what other people will think of me, all of it uncontrolled mental pictures with vary little awareness of anything that is real. (for example awareness of the chair one is sitting on.)

Does this make sense to you?

RedBark said...

In fact I think that night dreams are actually more vivid than "normal" life, but they lack the continuity and causes and effect relationships that day dreams do, possibly owing to the fact that day dreams are based on real things that we can refer to over and over again. For this reason I think that "normal" life has a greater effect on our psyche
than night dreams do. (I think that I got that concept from Meher Baba)