Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dream Journal March 29, 2005

Note: In college I worked for four years as a computer consultant in the computer lab at the university. I had a boss named R.B.

In this dream, I get the feeling that I haven't been to work in a long time. I show up, and a fellow computer consultant informs me that we have a new boss. (I forget his name.) I go to a podium and pick up a white long telephone to call him to introduce myself. I am extremely nervous. I say, "Hi, this is Stacey. Um... I just wanted to say I'm here at work...well... I got here on time a few hours ago... but I'm calling now and I want to say I'm here for anything that you might need."

Later on I look at our shift schedule and see that the new boss didn't schedule me to work very many hours and I am upset about this. I say, "I can't work here with so few hours on the schedule."

Note 2: When I worked in the real lab, I always worried about getting the right number of shift hours each semester. I had to practically beg the boss to keep me loaded on hours. I haven't worked in the computer lab since December of 2001.


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