Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dream from March 17, 2006

Dream 1:

I found a box of items that belonged to my father from the 1980s. One of the items in the box is a big remote-controlled car. I take it over to a house where my sister is. She too has a remote-controlled car, but hers is smaller. We play around with the cars, and I cause mine to drive over her car.

Dream 2:

I'm inside a big mansion. The owners are showing me around. One of the rooms we walk through is a tomb room. The floor is marble and inside the floor are tombs of dead people.

On a higher level of the mansion is a window that overlooks a large circular courtyard. The courtyard is made up of a cemetary, but all the tombstones are giant white marble slabs, it looks almost Italian.

We move into another room of the mansion. Suddenly I feel overwhelmed, as if I might break something if I'm not careful. I'm afraid to move. I feel that if I sit down on the floor I won't break anything so that's what I do - I sit right down on the floor. The owner says to me, "You're like a dog."

Later in the dream we're continuing our tour. I have to go to the bathroom really bad. I pass by several bathrooms. Most of the toilets are overflowing and water is all over the floor, so I can't use them. I see a toilet in another room that I can use but when I lift the seat up there is a big black spider, so I can't use it. I pass by a bedroom. There is a maid in there cleaning the room. The room has a waterbed and it too, like the toilets, is overflowing water all over the floor. Then I pass by more bathrooms with the hopes of using one, but each time I pass by one there is someone already seated on the toilet, so I can't use them.


Anonymous said...

you had to pee so bad you were afraid you would die if you didn't get to go, but the formalities were inhibiting.

Anonymous said...

I bet you don't even have a sister?

or a remote controlled car?

I bet you got a 'dad'?

I hope you had insurance?

Sophia said...

Hi anonymous,

When I woke up from that dream, really had to go. That dream was probably telling me to "wake up and go!"


Sophia said...


I have a younger sister. She's two years younger than me. And when we were younger we fought like cats and dogs.

I don't have a remote controlled car but strangely... and childishly... I want one.

I do have a dad, yes.

Hehee... I don't know if I had insurance in the dream or not. I know in real life I do, though!

Imemine said...

Dream # 1:
Obviously a case of sibling rivalry. Especially about spiritual goals, direction and motivation. You are the winner in this game.

Imemine said...

Dream # 2:
This dream is full of symbolisms.
Cemetery and tombs represent the mysterious and dark side of your personality. You are becoming aware of it and the owner of the mansion, which could be your inner self is telling you that you are like a dog, which could mean that you are unsure of yourself and being very submissive because of fear of breaking some very important rules, mystical or spiritual.
You needed to get rid of some negative emotions and dirty thoughts and habits in private, but you are being prevented from doing so by so much water, symbol of cleansing and purity, and a big black spider, symbol of the weaver of your destiny, or some authority.
Marble has something to do with something solid, hard and permanent, or some absolute principle, something inevitable.
You maybe going thru a delicate and difficult phase in your journey. You are very unsure of yourself. And you seem to have difficulty purifying and calming yourself.

Ares said...

No revele ninguna cosas sobre mí cualquiera. Por favor.