Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dream Journal March 23, 2006

Note: I've been feeling a little angry lately. I'm thinking my anger has rubbed off into my dreams. You'll see for yourself once you read this one -

I'm at a dinner party in a large banquet hall. I'm sitting at a table eating my dinner. I'm talking to a man. There is a woman with him and she is standing beside him. I can tell she is getting impatient because he is talking to me. Eventually, she walks a few feet away and stands, so that the man will notice and leave me to go stand beside her. I take my plate of food - spaghetti I think - and pour it all over her. I say to her, "Well you're not the talkative type, are you!"


Rob said...


jim said...

i would not have wasted the spaghetti (however you spell that strange word), you must not like whatumacallit.

Castor said...

You have a strong need to be nourished spiritually. It's good idea to eat but choose the best food. It seems you have competition or resistance from
people intimately related to one of the men, your host or teacher, if you have one. So be careful. You might end up being used as a
sexual object or plaything.
Try feeding yourself instead of relying on others to feed you. You can do these by reading a lot of good books. Not spaghetti
stuff. Try reading a few J. Krishnamuti books. But don't become attach to his teachings.

Sophia said...

Hey Jim,

You spelled spaghetti right! :)

Sophia said...


As Jim calls says, my need for spiritual nourishment is called, "Spiritual hunger" and that I need "spiritual food".