Sunday, March 12, 2006

Dreams from March 11, 2006

Dream 1:

I'm in a car and a giant frog hops across the road in front of the car. I point out the huge frog to whoever is in the car with me.

Dream 2:

First I'm in a bus. Someone, or someTHING, starts shooting at everyone with a rifle. Next I'm in a car beside the bus, and again someone or something is shooting towards the car from a window on the bus. I lay down on the floor of the backseat trying to escape the bullets.


Anonymous said...

You won't believe this, but here goes, Dream 1: in a car on a rode means your going somewhere under a power not yours....across the road in front of...means something is interrupting that journey...the interruption is a 'frog'....the 'real' word for frog means a combination of things starting with 1. a frog should be a bird, eats insects and tries to remember how to FLY, 2. following on #1., the frog is and a being who is up against the wall and trying to talk itself around the obstacle, while trying to maintain integrity in its' knowledge that it should be a bird by now.....

the 'frog' described above was the frog that Moses unleashed via God, against the Pharoah when Moses was trying to get Gods' people out of the identity that Egypt had forced them into by enslaving them. Exodus chap 8 vss 5...What this meant to Egypt was that suddenly Egypt was full of people who were unhappy to remain frogs, the Pharoah was holding everyone back, everyone in egypt, (like everyone in the car, in your dream), unhappy turned into unrest, The Pharoah placated the people, they relaxed, but nothing changed. This description is the real 'spiritual reality' of the real physical reality of real frogs in Egypt.

You tell me, or us.

Dream 2 will be in the next comment box.

Anonymous said...

Dream 2...Bus, many people under a power not their own are being carried along when someone with a rifle starts shooting at them, you had been a part of that group and, that group 'mentality', or 'instinct', but you left it...

then you were in a car beside the bus, you left the group but came to be under a similar power, going the same place, but now, as an individual...

until, someone, from the bus/group, starts shooting at you/car, and so, you hide, in the car, (perhaps you hid your individuality), ie, pretend you are not doing, what, they now, are shooting at you for doing, by yourself.

It is, as if, the group resented your desertion, even though you are all, still, going to the same location, under powers, not your own, (which would be 'spiritual powers' perhaps)

again, you tell me, or, us.

Franklin said...


A frog with a bad memory.

And, I thought you probably had pizza before going to bed.

Sophia said...

Hi Anonymous (is that you, Jim?),

Actually I CAN believe your interpretation re: the frog. You've come up with some excellent symbols here and their meanings, especially the frog and FLY (flying).

I do feel like I'm on a road to somewhere under a power that is not my own. Is this fate, perhaps? Does this have anything to do with free will? For more than a year now I've felt a pulling or tugging toward someone or something. I don't know what, though. But that's the beauty of it. My question is, what does this frog represent, or as you say, what is interrupting my journey?

When you say Moses unleashed a frog, did he really unleash a frog or is that a name that you've given to something else?

Imemine said...

Dream #1:
The frog is the symbol of spiritual transformation. Seeing it in a dream could mean spiritual growth in leaps and bounds.
Or perhaps you have found your frog-prince or prince-charming.
It could be someone you were referring to somewhere.

Imemine said...

Dream #2:
A highly spiritual dream, warning you of possible spiritual and psychological dangers first for the group you belong to and for yourself. You try to escape by leaving the group, the bus, the symbol of common interest or common good, and going into the safety of your own innerspace, the car, the symbol of personal space and freedom. Probably a good decision: to seek your own safety and stability first before you try to help others. It's also a diversion tactic, so don't feel guilty.

Sophia said...

To Anonymous re: second dream:

I think I agree with you that the "powers" you're referring to are spiritual powers, pulling me/us to a certain spiritual goal.

But I wonder what it was/is I was doing that the being was shooting at me for. Maybe for thinking about leaving the group mentality? Becoming an individual, perhaps? I don't know. Maybe this has to do with the fact that I don't conform to any particular philosophy and/or religion. I am out on my own. Just a guess. Your interpretation seems very worthwhile to me.

Sophia said...


Hmmm.... I always thought elephants had to do with memory. :)

And pizza? Wowsers... I hadn't had that for a long time! Although I can sometimes eat strange things before going to bed. I stayed up until 5:30am talking to my friend Jim on Friday night. At 4:45am I ate half a sandwhich that had jalapeno peppers all over it. :)

Sophia said...


After hearing your and anonymous' interpretations, I'm highly inclined to believe that these are very clear spiritual messages. Who would've thought a frog could be so spiritual? :) I wonder what I've done recently in my life to symbolize great spiritual growth?

Imemine said...

Well, this one is a giant one. So you probably have matured tremendously.
This interpretation comes partly from my dream encyclopedia.
About the second dream, the bullet or shooting could also mean sexual impregnation or sex-saturation. That could be were the attack or danger lies. So be careful. Protect yourself all the time.

Franklin said...

As you can see by my pizza comment, my gift of discerning others dreams it still in the box and unwraped.

Sophia said...

Hehee Franklin,

I thought the frog/memory thing was kinda cute. :) Please don't ever hesitate to interpret my dreams! It is my viewpoint that sometimes mistakes are there for a reason! Maybe there is some meaning to your correlation between the frog and memory. Now we just have to think on it, and as a friend just said to me today, "simplify" it. Although I honestly have no clue what he means by "simplifying", and he is so cryptic/secret/quiet he'll never tell me the meaning. We'll just have to figure it out for ourselves!

So, my little frog, always remember this! :)

Stephen D'Amico said...

hi stacey,

why do you blog your dreams and open yourself up to everyone's interpretion?

if your primary goal is to truly become enlightened as you say, it may be helpful to understand right off that the primary goal of paying attention to one's dreams on a spiritual path has more to do with maintaining an unbroken continuity of consciousness from waking-state to dream-state to waking-state, and not with striving to interpret your dreams with the objective of helping to heal your "everyday" mind, or using dreams as a means of motivation, inspiration or prediction.

Leave it as it is, and rest your weary mind.

Jim said...

Hi folks, I am anonymous here this time, Jim, and I am impressed by the crowd!

IMEMINE, that was excellent addition, and very professionally applied, even if it came from a book, as you say. Any body can read, but to use what you read is sometimes, something else again.
Stacey should look carefully at what you said.

Franklin, he has a very thoughtful blog, i enjoyed a long visit there the other night. Bear with him and you get rewarded. I, like Stacey, really enjoyed the humor, humor is great medicine, amen, and now that Stacey has 'fessed up to Jalapeno peppers, Franklin, you may be the only one standing. I also liked 'frog with a bad memory'..that left me LOL.

Stephen D'Amico, I am coming to get you, you are very special, continuity between day and night, wake and sleep life, yes a fact, but not for everyone, an advanced stage actually, you really arouse my curiousity, I'll see you later.

Stacey, the 'shooting' indicates a modern source of attack or attempt to stop your progress. shooting is a modern weapon referent, and while, the sexual innuendo could be there (condoms needed) I think it is more along the line of modern vs old sources of spirituality materials that are being flung at you, to impregnate you with. The oldest is the best, you know me.

Jim said...

PS Stacey, the frogs in Egypt were everywhere, millions of them, it rained frogs, (birds lost their wings and fell to the ground by millions), they where inside and outside, everywhere. Squishy.

Sophia said...

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for stopping by. I find that if I blog my dreams, I remember them more, and hopefully this will be a key step to maintaining more consciousness from waking-state to dream-state and back again. When I don't keep record, I start to forget again. Actually, right now I'm not doing too well with my recall anyway. :(

Sophia said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks for all your input on dreams. I think you're very very wise, more than you know, because looking all over the place to find myself could be hindering me more than if I just focus in one place for the time being. And that could be what the shooting symbolizes. Good thoughts, Jim!

Crazy Slots said...

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