Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dream Journal March 22, 2006

My real boss, in the dream, had an identical twin brother. I was sitting in a class and he and his twin brother were up at the head of the room at a pulpit and were reading from the Bible. I started feeling vibrations throughout my body, and then I passed out and had an out-of-body experience. When I woke up, I was in a medical room, and people were looking over me explaining that I had passed out.
Note: My boss is a devout Christian. He'd probably be thrilled to hear about this dream, and would no doubt tell me, even if somewhat jokingly, that maybe it's a sign I should convert to Christianity. But I don't think that's the case. I'm left pondering its meaning and value....


Mark said...

Well, one way you can interpret it is that you were so uncomfortable in that setting that you felt the need to leave your body!

Now seriously, I think it's a little hard to get at the meaning of dreams online, not to mention when you are only starting to get to know a person. I can only say in my experience the ones that are most meaningful I either just know or have a strong sense of what the meaning is, or know that it's significant - as opposed to others which are kind of just the mind wandering.

RedBark said...

Hello Stacy,

That reminds me that I once very nearly left my body while awake during a house blessing ceremony. I think that it was the combination of guided imagery and atmosphere that did it. Perhaps the same thing happened to you in your dream.

Sophia said...

Hi Mark,

No doubt, I was entirely uncomfortable. I think you're right on!

I know for me dreams are hard to get. Even my own dreams. I've had people give me some fantastic interpretations, though. I once new a man who could interpret my dreams so well I thought he could read my mind. I loved him but he scared me, too.

Sophia said...


You misspelled my name! To the stocks with ye! :P (And I know that YOU know better, young man. LOL)

You know what's funny about my dream, is that the out-of-body experience seemed so real that I don't even know for sure that I was dreaming that part. I might have really left my body. I was floating around in blackness. I think I can recall one other time that I had an experience of just floating around in blackness.

Mark said...

Well Stacey I think that really goes back to discovering the meaning for yourself and along the same line, what is meaningful for you as I posted in a message in the forum before.

While someone can interpret the symbols in your dream and you can recognize that pattern as being true, it's a whole other matter to see that for yourself - really see it. For example someone may be an alcoholic, others may tell him and he may even agree - but how deep does that realization go? Or to use a more positive example maybe someone that is gifted with an artistic talent is working at the drive through at McDonalds - maybe she sees it when her friends tell her she is really gifted, but it's a whole other matter for her to realize that she is meant to be an artist, for it to really click.

So in some situations, it may even be better if a person is not given the interpretation - because if there is any tendancy to identify with the mind, you will hear it, recognize the interpretation as true and then be like "yes that's it" and then think the matter is resolved - when you may not REALLY get it like the addict or the closet artist.

Obviously, in these situations it is not about having the right answer. We might compare this with enlightenment. I mean they don't call it *self* realization for nothing right? It isn't about a teacher telling you how it is and what to do, it is coming to realize the truth for yourself. People who are looking for enlightenment probably have already read what different teachers have said, and yet they recognize something is lacking - so clearly it is not just getting the right information.

So while recognition may serve to orient you in the right direction, it's like the difference between recognizing the right answer in a multiple choice test, vs. an essay question. Obviously it is very clear to you if you can answer the essay question in your own words, without having to pick from a list of possible answers. Likewise it isn't a matter of finding the right answer to "what is enlightenment" out of the many answers given by others. Some of them may even have realized it for themselves, but it's about finding your own answer, realizing it for yourself.

Okay I'm done, sorry for the lengthy post but it just comes out sometimes!

Mark said...

By the way, just to be clear I am not saying not to work with a spiritual teacher - but just that it isn't about following what they say blindly. I mean this is about being conscious after all. It's like the old biblical thing about following the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law, getting the sense of it.

Imemine said...

You will have to think for yourself. Find out all you can about being a Christian. And decide if it is for you.
Don't convert just because your boss is a Christian.

Castor said...

An identical twin brother probably represents the other personality or aspect of your boss. It could be his very spritual side.
The body represents your ego or intellectual powers which you probably lose, causing you tob treated mentally or psychologically. So be careful.
I hope this doesn't happen. Don't lose your ego at these point especially if you have a boss or teacher. They can turn you into a zombie or a mental case. I will keep an eye on you.
By the way the Bible represents moral integrity. Don't lose it.