Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dream Journal March 21, 2006

Dream 1:

I enter my hotel room and go into the bathroom. There are strangers in there who have broken into my room. They grab me, and while holding onto me they lift my shirt up and start beating my back with a belt.

Later in the dream they're passing out marijuana around the room. My sister is there. Everybody is smoking it, and I'm about to smoke it when the FBI and hotel manager break the door down and start arresting everyone for smoking marijuana. When they barge into the room, I'm laying on the floor with a sheet pulled over my body up to my head. They don't arrest me because I haven't smoked it yet.

Next scene - I'm in a truck with one of the guys who broke into the hotel room. It's night-time and he's driving down a road. He offers me a huge marijuana cigarette. I take it and smoke it. I get high.

Dream 2:

I'm laying face down on a bed. My dream military boyfriend walks into the room and slaps my backside once really hard, and says he did it because I'm "not patriotic".

Dream 3:

A group of people surrounding me are pledging allegiance to the American flag. In the dream, it doesn't look like the real flag, but instead is a red silk rectangle with black stars covering it. I refuse to raise my hand to my heart and also refuse to say the pledge. I get in trouble.

Dream 4:

I'm in class. The teacher says it is time to turn in the homework. I haven't even started the homework. I quickly try to jot some answers down. When we're all in line at the desk turning in our homework, the teacher says she'll give us some of the answers and to write them down.


Pollux said...

Dream # 1:
You have a need to escape from yourself or your present situation. This is what it means to stay in an hotel. But this is only for a short time. Your ego takes a psychological beating, humiliation or domination by a mob or group of people, not your friends. This is to strengthen their authority or power over you.
It could be some conservative people or conservative teacher and his followers. So, be careful You might lose your freedom thru intimidation and manipulation here.
Smoking marijuana could mean not only the need to escape but also to relax completely. You are afraid of being caught. Your sister is in the same boat.
You finally escape with some stranger, one of the conservative people who are used to this way of escaping. I am taking the liberty to interpret freely here, my dear.

Pollux said...

Dream # 2:
Well, this is really a very conservative group or mob you ran into. They not only try to intimidate you psychologically but also physically or sexually.
The lower part of your body represents your physical self or your sexuality. Your upper body or your back represents your ego or intellectual power.
I'm trying to interpret your dreams in relation to your present situation as far as I know something about it. However I don't have that much information.

Pollux said...

Dream #3:
Some violent or terroristic group masquerading as patriotic or nationlistic? Of course you get in trouble if you refuse, my love.

Pollux said...

Dream # 4.
You have something to do with a hypocritical teacher. A cheat.

Pollux said...

Dream # 4:
It was just a dream, anyway. Just an interpretation. I'm not stabbing anyone in the back.