Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dream Journal March 18, 2006

[Note: This dream contains the word "vagina". If you find that word offensive, you may not wish to read this dream. However, this dream is not a sexually-oriented dream.]

I am in a large building made of glass. It is made of many hallways and rooms. The building is close to the ocean. A giant robot comes upon the building. Everyone begins running around in chaos, trying to escape the giant robot because it is firing deadly ray beams at its victims. I'm running around through the halls and rooms, trying to find the safest place to escape death. I am very frightened.

I escape the building and begin running down toward the beach. Along the beach is a high chain-link fence. At the top of the fence is razor wire. Everyone is making a run for the waters of the ocean, including me. I thinking about climbing the fence, but I see some people trying to dig under it. I run to a place where the fence is unstable, and a couple of people are holding the fence up for some of us to run under. I look behind me and see a man slowly coming towards this part of the fence, but he is on crutches. I decide to stay and hold the fence for him so that he too can escape.

We all make it into the water. Suddenly, there is this giant green plant-like monster that is attacking some of the people in the water. I try to swim away from it. I end-up in this glass globe of air under the water. There are various rooms in it. There are all kinds of items, toys, etc. in this glass globe. The items are in different colors. Somehow I know I need to collect as many green items as possible, for I will be able to use the green items against the plant monster. I collect as many green items as I can. They will help protect me, at least for a little while.

Next, I am laying flat on my back somewhere under the ocean. I am looking between my legs, which are naked and spread wide open. Large slugs and other similar creatures begin to come out of my vagina. I can actually feel this in my dream.

This is probably the strangest dream I've ever had. I had a bowl of homemade chili before taking the nap, so maybe that is why it was so strange, but the chili was not spicy. I feel very strange even now, hours after the nap. This is one of those dreams that is lingering with me emotionally. I am terrified of the green plant monster and also of the fact that slugs and other slimy things came out of me. What's even more strange is that I remember the physical sensation I felt as they were coming out.

I really wish to know what this dream means. I haven't a clue. But the desire is there to know and understand it.


RedBark said...

Hello Stacey,

Sounds very unpleasant.

I try not to eat before sleeping because I usually get indigestion and feel very weird when I do. Meat and beans are particularly difficult to digest.

Sophia said...

Hi Beard,

It was truly unpleasant. Monsters chasing me and slimy things coming out of me... what a nightmare! Now I know what people mean when they say not to eat chili or pizza before going to sleep. :)

Maybe that's why the dream was so strange - it had meat and beans in it.

Lately I've been wanting to just litter my chili with jalapeno peppers. I must be a food masochist. Also, in the past week I've been literally pigging out on those firey red hot balls jawbreaker things. I don't know why but I'm craving hot hot hot!

Mark said...

Hi Stacey,

Dreams can be like that. We hear a lot about dream interpretation, and while I think sometimes it can be very meaningful I don't think that's always the case - and it can be a mix too. But maybe what is not always looked at is just the fact that it is a dream. I mean they don't say this phenomenal reality we're in is a dream for nothing right?

It's funny years ago when I was on more of a spiritual kick I had this dream where I was in a love triangle situation with John Goodman and Meg Ryan. The meaning was obvious as I kind of had that going on at the time, but the sheer ridiculousness didn't occur to me until the end of the day after I woke up - it's like what the ... ? On another level of course they are both actors, and it all goes back to the fact that it is a dream.

RedBark said...

Food Masochist :)

I never noticed any problems caused by hot food. It actually seems to help my digestion. It gets the saliva flowing. Does hot food bother you?

RedBark said...

btw. I found that carefully chewing my food until it is liquid is a very good way to help digestion. I am also taking "Mega-Zyme" enzymes when I need help and they work very well.

I have heard of digestive liquors and I would like to try some but I have not found any yet.

Sophia said...

Hey Beard, are you online right now? Send me an email to I have something to say about the enzymes you're talking about. I have your email addresses but I don't know which one you would check tonight. I'll be online for a little while tonight, I think, unless for some reason I start to get sleepy.

Sophia said...

Hi Mark,

Yes, we have these dreams within the Big Dream. Fascinating subject, if you ask me. I don't even think the Big Dream is real. I sure would like an interpretation of the Big Dream. If anyone has it, I think it would have to be God, and I don't even know if he's going to give me an interpretation or not. :)

Some days I have dreams that I think have meaning, other days I think I just have silly little night movies. So you're right, some have meaning others probably don't.

I'm wondering, though, if the slugs were a sign of something that is inside of me, say an emotion or something, that I need to get rid of, or to expell?

jbmoore said...

Sounds from th dream that you are running from something. As far as the slugs and such, perhaps you have a uterine infection or vaginal infection and your body is clearing it. Or your dream is about a past infection and you are just replaying it.(Shrug)

Mark said...

Since we're talking about enzyme supplements, I like Enzymatic Therapy's Mega-Zyme too as a strong pancreatic enzyme. A vegetarian alternative that is also high potency and broad-spectrum though is the Digest Gold by Enzymedica, and they actually specialize in enzymes, whereas ET just has the word in the name. Can you tell I'm into the wellness stuff too? Well, atleast a health care consumer!

As for dream interpretation and meaning, it seems sometimes discovering the meaning for ourselves is just as important as the interpretation itself, and again sometimes there are different levels of meaning - so all in good time eh..

Mark said...

It may seem like a small point but along the lines of getting rid of something, it may be helpful to hold it as something to let go of, that just does not serve you rather than you have toxic stuff to purge - just a thought.

RedBark said...

Thanks for the information Mark. I am glad to know someone who is knowledgable about these things.

I will give Digest Gold a try.

jbmoore said...

Just an opinion from a biologist here, but ya'll shouldn't be wasting good money on enzymes. For one thing, you don't know if they work. It may just be a placebo effect. For another, the acids in your stomach may destroy them before they have any effect. Your body makes everything it needs to digest your food unless you wish to digest something like cellulose which we can't digest because we don't have the proper enzymes. If you don't believe me, ask your GP or gastroenterologist if he takes enzyme supplements when he eats. Now Stacey had her gallbladder out, so she will have trouble with fats and fatty foods, but gall isn't enzymes, it's basically detergent used to solubilize the fats.

RedBark said...


I have heard that as we get older that we do not produce enzymes as well as when we were younger.

Also, when a person eats fast I think that it is quite likely that the body does not have time or inclination to create the required enzymes.

Also, many of the enzymes that the body normally would be getting from food are not being supplied because of the poor quality of the food we eat.

According to this artcle:
"food" enzymes do their work in the upper stomach where there is no hydrochloric acid.

Have any of these ideas changed your mind?

Mark said...

Hi JB,

I appreciate your comments. I don't take enzymes all the time, really only occasionally when I feel I need extra support - and to be honest chances are there is something I could have done differently to not need it. As for whether or not it works or if it is a placebo effect, all I can say is I have a degree of subjective awareness of my body, which I think is something that is largely ignored. This can extend to mind as well, which would be a bit more related to the original subject of dream and their meaning, but that is of course a whole other topic in itself. Suffice it to say almost anything *can* be a placebo effect, so that point doesn't say a whole lot in itself. I should think we wouldn't want to have a generally dismissive attitude for that reason - we may miss the opportunity to find out if something does work.

More specifically, I would think it logically depends on the condition of the individual's digestive health as far as whether it helps or is appropriate. I don't have a gastroenterologist as I am basically in good health (which is why I don't take enzymes on a regular basis) but my general practitioner would likely have a similar position as she is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist.

I also appreciate your distinction between enzymes and gall/bile. I mentioned that particular product simply for informational purposes, I do think health 'enthusiasts' can oversupplement without much discrimination as I have done in the past. I think a better attitude toward health is one of balance and management, rather than one of accumulation and consumerism. This of course calls for an awareness of the state of one's body and even life situation, and any supplement that is truly appropriate would really be complementary to one's state of health at that given point in time.

So while I obviously lean toward natural methods of health maintenance, to really make it work I think we do need to have a level of understanding that goes beyond "this is good for you." After years of interest in alternative health modalities, I have come to find that the mindset of a natural health care consumer is just that - one of a consumer. If we are to really take charge of our health I do think we need to have a broader perspective.