Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Native American Zodiac

I was over reading Anonymous Julie's blog and she was talking about Native American lore and what her month's animal was. This inspired me to do my own research to see what my animal is, and I have determined that I belong to the "Deer People". The attributes seem to match me fairly well. My traits are below, and if you're interested in finding out what you are, go to the Native American Zodiac.

Deer People
Birth Dates - May 21st - June 20th
Earth Influence - The Flowering time
Influencing Wind - The East wind
Totem - Eagle
Direction - The South East Winds
Element - Air with Fire
Elemental - Butterfly (air) Clan
Function - To Observe
Birth & Animal Totem - Deer
Plant Totem - Mullein
Stone Totem - Agate
Polarity Totem - Owl
Affinity Color - Orange
Musical Vibration - E Natural
Personality - Quick, Alert, Talkative, Congenial, Moody
Feelings - Sensitive but superficial
Intention - Versatility
Nature - Lively
Positive Traits - Friendly, witty and intellectual
Negative Traits - Inconsistent, Restless, Lazy & Despondent
Sex Drive - Titillating
Compatibility's - Crows and Otters
Conscious Aim - To bring together
Subconscious Desire - Mastery of the mind
Life Path - Coordination
Spiritual Alchemy - Yang Predominates
Should Cultivate - Concentration, persistence, sympathy
Should Avoid - Moodiness, inconsistency and superficiality

I really do enjoy observing people. Also, I consider myself very friendly, talkative, witty and I at least like to believe I'm intellectual. I'm also sensitive at times. I can, however, also be lazy or moody. I think the conscious aim they've "assigned" to me is right on - I really want "to bring together" everyone. I see myself doing that often, or at least trying to. When I see people arguing or holding grudges, I like to play matchmaker and try to get them to make peace with one another.

This was fun. Thanks to Anonymous Julie for the inspiration.


anonymous julie said...

Huh. Thanks for that link - some things clicked, some things didn't...

Jim said...

MODERN MEN/WOMEN with machines for HANDS and SENSES

of HOW it could FIT together
Build a GOD of ONENESS
From the THINGS of DEATH.

SPECIAL comes to serve BOREDOM
Delegating HOPE and FAITH to serve
While CREATing their own IMAGE.

Steve said...

Hi I love astrology and especially from the Native American Zodiac or should I say the 12 Moons of the Medicine Wheel as thats where it comes from!

If you would like to see some terrific one of kind art based on the 12 moons as well as the astrology,from a slightly different perspective go here: