Saturday, November 05, 2005

Synchronicity Journal November 5, 2005 [part 2]

As you recall, yesterday I made a post about elephants in my synchronicity journal. They've showed-up again. Today I was watching The National Geographic Channel, and a documentary was on about Hannibal and Rome. In the segment they briefly spoke of the elephants that were in Hannibal's army. Right after the documentary was over, another documetary came on. It was about elephants.


utenzi said...

I think you're stretching, Stacey. If it was platypuses then I'd say you have a point, but you see references to elephants all the time. Synchronicity? I don't think so.

I think we need some ground rules for synchronicity!

Sophia said...

Hi Utenzi,

I disagree. Actually, I don't see elephants all the time. Now if there were cats or dogs that I was refering to, then I'd have to agree. But elephants.... I haven't seen elephants in months, believe it or not.

I think synchronicity is a personal thing. Lately I've been becoming more attuned to it. Trust me, I've been careful about what I call synchronicity! :)

VINO said...


I am sticking to the comment I made on your first blog on this sync.

All the while I have been thinking if everything that happens in life has some meaning or it just a obscure coincidence.

But standing today, with my minimal intelligence, I can think of its a bit of both.

I like to add is something from the movie The Island where there are people who are culitvated. Our psycology is exactly that of the people who want to go "the Island". Whereas the reality might be entirely contrary to our expectations and obscure beyond limitations.

May be there is no Island.

Think about it.


Castor said...

"“And” is an interesting word. It connects and somehow legitimizes what could not be unconnected and illigitimate. “And” is yesterday, today and tomorrow. I get up in the morning AND I go to the bathroom AND I go downstairs AND I get a cup of coffee AND I type as I sit here AND pretty soon I will get the kids up AND Joe may drop by AND perhaps he can fix the computer AND I will give him some money AND I will go to work AND …."
-a zerious zen student.

This was written by a zen practitioner, that I watch closely like I was his zenmaster. I am reproducing it here without his knowledge. This was the first time I really agreed with him after quite some time; to which I replied: Nice anding!

utenzi said...

I stand corrected. Sorry, Stacey!

Sophia said...

Hi Utenzi,

Wow. My tools of correction must be very influential. ;)

No need to be sorry. You can always say things on this blog that disagree with me! Please don't be sorry! Just as long as you know the opposite holds true: I can disagree with you. :P *evil laugh*

Logan said...

i´m sorry to bump in like this. im know i'm new here and i can see this discussion is far ahead already...

but i only have a few question for stacy [i know this has nothing to do with the blog or the subject...but i didn't know if it was ok, knowing that i'm just a stranger, to send a mail...]

*how did you end up in Cowra?
*do we know each other?
*how can you hear the music? [i thought i took that off...:S]

well... i guess i'll be seeing you around more often. i read some parts on your blog and was quite impressed and now i'm very much interested in the reading.

i have another blog[], that is actually my main blog, i'll add you there to my list of contacts and keep an eye on you.

respectfully yours,

utenzi said...

Too bad Stacey! I want to feel sorry. LOL

Wild Mother Lightning said...

Hi Stacey,

I don't know if this is relevant to your journey but Shamanically Elephants represent Ancient power, strength and fertility. They do not forget injustice and are a symbol of sexual power, they are very affectionate and loyal.

If it seems appropriate you could try connecting with the Elephant as a Power Animal.