Saturday, November 05, 2005

Dreams from November 5, 2005

Dream 1:

I'm on a school bus. I'm in a bathing suit and my hair is pulled back. I'm supposed to take a shower on the bus. I'm getting ready to take a shower when I realize I have forgotten my towel. As if that is not enough, I realize that I'm actually in college and shouldn't have taken a bus that goes to high school.

Dream 2:

I'm swimming in some water that isn't exactly very clean. I get a mix of seaweed and algae in my mouth. No matter how many times I try to spit out the green stuff, it keeps showing up in my mouth.

Dream 3:

Like Tarzan, I am swinging about on vines. Beneath me is a swamp. I'm swinging straight-ahead and realize I'm headed straight for some alligators that are laying there. I try to maneuver myself so as not to end up in their mouths! There is also a bear that is sitting by the edge of the water. I try to avoid him, too.

Dream 4:

I'm floating in some water on an inner tube. I'm reading a magazine.

Dream 5:

I'm sitting at a round table outside with two other men. One man is tearing pages from a book and lighting them in order to burn the pages. There is a book on the table that is so big it has to be over one-million pages long. I grab the book and claim it so that he won't burn it. The man sitting across from me looks pleased that I have decided to rescue the book from a fiery fate.


Pollux said...

Dream #1:
Spiritually a bus in a dream means the Greater Good. Being in a bus means coming to terms with the way you handle relationships and new directions you need to take. You are being aware of the need to be an individual while belonging to a group of people with common interest or purpose.
Taking a shower on the bus perhaps signify purifying yourself from too much outside influences, and becoming more transparent in the eyes of everyone. These are good signs. Only you still are unsure of how you handle this.
Going to school represents learning new abilities and skills, news ways of relating with others, and dealing with our own personality.
It involves getting rid of old ideas and concepts and learning different ways of dealing with authority, and feelings of inadequacy. Life itself is a school.

Pollux said...

Dream # 2:
Immersion especially in dark water can mean the possibility of becoming depressed. Luckily you are not drowning. It means you are able to handle emotional situations well. That the green stuff keep coming out of your mouth means you can't keep yourself from throwing up the rubbish you hear from other people and revealing secrets.

Pollux said...

Dream # 3:
This dream represents your attempt to avoid going down deeply into the unconconscious for fear of the things you have suppressed, feelings that can undermind your confidence and well-being.
The alligator symbolizes greed, aggression, and destruction in this dream, I guess. The bear can also mean the same thing, but it also represents latent and apparent spiritual strength and power. And the need to meet the force of your own creativity. All in all, it's not such a frightening dream or nightmare. The possibility of destruction brings with it the possibility of rebirth.

Pollux said...

Floating according to Freud represents sexuality and inherent need of freedom.
It can also mean opening ourselves to power beyond our conscious self and our own volition.
You are in state of extreme relaxation and just simply allowing things to happen and carry you along. However, this can mean being indecisive. So, you need to think more carefully about your actions and involvement with others.
That you are reading a magazine means you can't keep yourself from getting bored.

Pollux said...

Dream # 5:
I noticed that the first four dreams have one thing in common: water. The symbol of emotions and femininity.
This time is about two very important things when it comes to spirituality: table and books.
Sitting at around table with two seemingly opposing influences means making a decision or spiritual judgement.
One man which probably represents a
spiritual system or teacher encourages you to throw away traditional and religious beliefs
by burning some pages of a book to start with. The opposing influence or teacher is happy that you are against it. This book with more than a million pages is probably not really a holy book like the Bible or Koran, but the Internet itself with all the books in it.
Personally I am not a book-burning
barbarian or ape; I would be the man sitting across you smiling.
However the book burning man which could be Castor, is really not interested in burning all the books; he is just trying to make some point or iota clear.

ian g. said...

Got to be honest. Dream number one got my absolute full on attention.... And I don't think it was because of any "Spiritual" element. Life is much simpler than that at times.

Pollux said...

Read a few more books and talk a little less. -Chen Chui.

Bookworms eat thru a book and even touches (on) a text and yet they cannot read. -Sakya Pandita.

After finnishing my comments, I picked up a book of sayings and quotations in Dutch, opened it without particularly seeking anything, and immediately my eyes fell on these two above, which I translated to the best of my ability.
Sometimes I think I am a warlock with a book of sayings. Maybe this is one book I shouldn't touch or burn.

RedBark said...

Hello Stacey,

I like Pollux's interpretation of Dream 5, but what I noticed was your passion about right and wrong and your active role in influencing it.