Friday, November 04, 2005

Nap Dream from November 4, 2005

My boss is over at my cubicle sitting by my desk. We are discussing a project that we're working on. On my desk is an open comic book.


RedBark said...

Now that does remind me of blogging.

Sophia said...

Hi Beard,

How does it remind you of blogging?

By the way, I think the open comic book is a symbol of my need to stay young in a world that is forcing me to grow up.

RedBark said...

The image of a comic book reminds me of blogging. These little iconic images we have of each charactor and the conversations that we have for all the world to read. Our blog lives are like an open comic book.

Sophia said...

You're right, Beard. The comic book is a great metaphor for the blogosphere.

Actually, these comment pages are a lot like comic books. Next to each comment are little avatars of each character, and beside each icon is a piece of conversation.

Zen Wizard said...

The "stay young" interpretation is probably valid.

My gut reaction at first was that the dream means that you feel you are sabotaging your own success.

kathy said...

Hi Stacey :)

i like your dream. Stay young! i like that too!