Friday, November 04, 2005

Dreams from November 4, 2005

Dream 1:

I'm walking through the front yard of a house. Through the front storm door I see an elderly woman sitting on the floor of her house looking out the door. She is sad and crying. I stop in front of the door and tell her that I can come in and talk to her if she'd like for me to.

Dream 2:

I live in a house where an apparition of a man has been killing people in various rooms. So far I haven't been killed, but I'm very scared that sooner or later he will show-up in the room I am in and kill me. After a while I begin to wonder if he likes me, and that is why he hasn't killed me. But still, I am very much afraid of him.

Dream 3:

I am at a next door neighbor's house. We're watching the news on t.v. On the t.v. I see my house and lots of people bringing cats and sticking them under my house. I am surprised to see my house on t.v. I run to my house in a panic and tell everyone that I can't afford to take care of all these cats. The strange thing is, on the television, which was live news coverage, it was sunny outside, but when I run outside it is raining.


Pollux said...

Dream # 1:
Most likely the woman is yourself being an old woman who is sad and
probably afraid, and you are preparing yourself for entry into a new phase of life: middle-age for women -- not necessarily nowadays. Inspite of your determination to come in, you are creating an obstacle for yourself.
You want to come in, in order to confront your loneliness, sorrow, and fear of getting older.
Or it could be that the elderly woman is really the Great Mother
many people talk about, and she is sad that you are still out there
wandering outside perhaps in the middle of a storm and wants you to come home to the safety of your "true self", which is represented by the house.

Pollux said...

Dream #2:
The house in a dream represents
most of the time your soul or self, and different parts or rooms of the house represent the different aspects of your personality. The apparition of a man, a slayer, represents some spiritual influence that is trying to destroy
certain aspects of your personality that makes you ineffective and worthless in your everyday life as well as your spiritual life.
Maybe you are right about that he probably likes you and is not intent on getting rid of your central, basic inner self.
My advice is not to run away or fight back; just be ready for whatever happens. If he kills you it could most likely mean finally enlightenment. And for this to occur you have to be willing to sacrifice your soul.

Pollux said...

Dream # 3:
At this time you probably know already what houses, people, cats in dreams represent.
But this time, this dream is maybe really about your blog. That lots of admirers keep coming to visit your blogs and you are afraid that you wouldn't be able to handle it.
Finally there seems to be a discrepancy between what you see thru other people's eyes and what is really happening in your life.
Again, you don't have to see this thru my eyes.

RedBark said...

Good Morning Stacey,

I will try to guess what thoughts you have been having based on your dreams.

1. You have been thinking about your compassionate nature.

2. Some part of you feels that someone (on the internet?) is a threat to you.

3. This is related to your recent post about not being able to keep the kitten you gave to your friend. All of this air'd not on tv but on the internet. Perhaps the internet makes things seem more sunny than they really are.

Did I guess any of them right?

I mostly just wanted to "talk" with you. :)

RedBark said...

Where is that Stacey?

Seems like she never blogs much on Fridays.

Sophia said...

Hi Beard,

Sweet of you to look for me. Actually, I have every other Friday off from work and today is my off-day. I spend these days sleeping-in and then cleaning house, doing laundry, and napping. :) I'll probably watch a Netflix movie later on.

As to your dream interpretations, I'd say they're pretty close on target. I don't know that I've been thinking so much about my compassionate nature, but I sure do get lots of things in the mail from various charities that I wish I could give more money to. I've given some to the Ocean Conservancy and then I get more letters from the African Wildlife Conservancy and the Nature Conservancy and the Animal Friends Network, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, etc., etc., etc. They send me these sad letters that sometimes make me feel like crying but then I know I can't afford to give them more money. I don't even have much of a savings account. If I were to lose my job I'd be in big trouble. Sometimes I wish I had enough money to adopt a child from a foreign country who needs a parent really bad, but I don't. I guess I should say I'd really love to adopt a child, and it's something that has been playing in my mind for quite some time, but I have too many fears, most of them are financial in nature. I shouldn't be complaining about money because I'm not really ambitious, so it's my own fault. I got a degree, I got a job that utilizes that degree but it's not really a job that I'll ever grow in, it's just a job that I'm content to have.

Anyway... I don't know why I just vented all that. :) I guess it has to do with the compassionate nature subject that has been brought up. In summary, I wish I could do more than I already do. I don't think I do enough. I have a friend who works in a soup kitchen sometimes. Why don't I do that? But then I start feeling that I don't have enough time. Am I being selfish? I don't know. These are just some of the things I think about.

As to feeling threatened by someone on the internet, I have to say I don't appreciate trolls much, and I'm sure you've noticed that. :) But, I perform my own troll extermination on this blog. I think I do a pretty good job. I just find it sad that these trolls actually have to exist. Why do people enjoy being like that? There are so many questions and not enough answers.

I'd say the internet is mostly a sunny place. It's a place I can come to when I'm bored and cheer myself up.

Wow, that was a long discourse. Sorry about that. :) I think I'm in a talkative mood this evening.

Pollux said...

I think she's out there in the rain
looking for more cats to lure into her little bloghouse. Bloghopping!
I come across her her-and-der often making comments about everything. Maybe it's time to visit another blog in the meantime.
Why don't you try this one:

Sophia said...


Dream #1:

Wow! Great interpretation. These past few weeks I've been thinking about becoming old. I've noticed elderly women and how they walk and what they look like, and I feel fear because someday that will be me. I don't want to become full of wrinkles. I don't want to slow down. I don't want to have to rely on a walker, cane or wheelchair.

I also had a discussion this very week with a co-worker about my fear of getting old.

You're amazing. :)

Sophia said...

Thanks Pollux for your interpretations.

RedBark said...


I followed the link.
I like Stacey better.
I would be great if she found even more interesting people for us to talk to.


Thanks for taking time to greet us on your day off.

You do seem to have a lot thoughts about being compassionate. But besides that you are nice to people.

I did not imagine you thinking about old age. To me you seem quite young. Don't worry about talking too much. I like to read whatever you have to say. :)

Sophia said...

Hi Beard,

Maybe Pollux is right. I do bloghop quite a bit. It's my addiction and has been since September of 2004 when I discovered the blogging world.

You know something? I'm glad you decided to move from your old blog to the system on Let me ask you, do you like it better over here? Now it is easier for me to visit your blog and leave comments.

I've also stopped posting on Usenet since creating this blog. That might be a good choice for me. :) Do you still post on Usenet?

Every night I search the blogosphere for more spiritual blogs to add to my blogroll. The people in our circle are the greatest friends one could ever hope for. I wish there were people like you guys in the area in which I live. Maybe the use of the internet makes it easier to seek out such people.

One of my complains was the lack of spiritual friends who live close to me that I can see and be with. I don't know how to find them. But now that I have this blog and have reached out, I have found the friends I've been looking for and I feel that part of my needs has been satisfied.

RedBark said...


Yes, now that I have gotten used to it I like blogger a lot. Mostly because of all the fine people that you have introduced me to. :)

I still watch usenet sometimes but don't post much.

Kiachu Shen Ku said...

Meow, another cat has bookmarked you!

Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose.
-Garrison Keillor

I post my dreams to:
Beware of my "friends" some are questionable!