Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dreams from November 12, 2005

I think Pollux/Castor might be feeling a bit sad that I've not posted dreams for a while. Well, I had some vivid ones this day that I remember as though they had really happened, I even remember the sense of touch.

Dream 1:

I'm at a wedding reception, sitting at a round table. Seated at the table with me is an older gentleman I had not seen in a while, perhaps in his early or late sixties. I look at him and then I begin to feel sad. It's because at one time I had been in a relationship with him, but now I am engaged to a younger man. I show him my engagement ring, which strangely is a diamond in the shape of a triangle, and just as strange it is on my right ring finger instead of my left. He looks disappointed, a bit sad even, but he says he is happy for me. We continue to watch the reception go on. While he is watching, I look at him, and I start to feel feelings for him again, and I wish I had not been engaged.

Dream 2:

My first memory of this dream is from a third-person point of view. I am looking at myself. I am a young girl, perhaps 15 or 16. I am in a man-made cage on the ground. There is no bottom to the cage, just gravel, and that is what I lay on. I'm wearing a type of scarf that lays over the top of my head and falls down to conceal part of my face; I see only my eyes. I'm laying prone on the ground on my stomach, partially pushed-up by my arms. I'm looking out of the cage. There is a man there, outside the cage. He makes a business out of me. He charges other men a dollar to come and place locks on my cage. He lets them believe that they're the ones who get to lock me up for the first time. One man - who's younger than the rest, perhaps in his late twenties or early thirties - accidently gets stuck in the cage with me. This is where I began to dream with a first-person point-of-view. I start to claw at the gravel as though I'm a caged beast. I remember really feeling the gravel on my hands. I make a growling sound, as though I'm about to attack the young man. I act like a wild animal.

The dream scene jumps to me outside with the man and a woman. I think she is his wife. The landscape is very watery, as though we're right outside the ocean. There is a building behind me. The woman is trying to push a lever on a pipe in order to get something to drink, but there must be a clog in the drain. I am conjuring up a way to escape, so I tell the woman, "Oh, there's a seagull's nest clogging the pipe. I'll go down and get it out for you." I figure that if I can get down below that I can run away. There must have been a flood recently, because there are giant turtles everywhere, especially on top of the building. I point to the turtles on top of the building in order to show everyone. They gasp at how huge the turtles are. They are bigger than King Kong! There is a turtle nearby. I walk up to it in order to pet its snout, but it hisses at me. I get scared and jump back. I say to the man - who you must remember is my captor - "Daa...". I almost said "Daddy".

Dream 3:

I think this dream might have been an out-of-body experience. It's not a dream with a story to tell; it's just a feeling. I'm floating, and I remember telling myself to start to fall. I feel the sensation of falling backwards, but I tell myself I'll be safe because there is a bed underneath my real body.

Dream 4:

I'm the passenger in an old airplane. The pilot is flying through rooms and doorways. He causes us to fly upside down a few times. I remember this feeling of being upside down and feeling as though he would crash, but I just held on to him and said to myself that I can trust him.


RedBark said...

Hello Stacey and thank you for this fine entry. It was quite interesting and I think there will be an abundance of interesting responses.

A nice co-incidence that we are on line at the same time.


Sophia said...

Hi Beard,

Yes, I think these were some of the most interesting dreams I've had lately, mostly because of how vivid they were. I woke up in the middle of the cage dream and was feeling so odd. I almost had to shake my head a few times in order to believe I was back in "reality".

It is interesting that we're both online at the same time. I want to bloghop so bad but Blogrolling is down and my links to the other blogs aren't showing on my page. It's frustrating.

RedBark said...

Are you sure that you are back in "reality"?

Well at least life is more real than a night dream(sometimes).

Actually I think that occasionally we are more self-aware(and in a sense more real) in dreams than in regular life. Probably because of the shocking nature of some dreams.

Is "blogrolling" the only record you have of some of the places you visited?

Sophia said...

I don't know if I can find any true difference between dreamworld and reality. Maybe the truth is that it is all one big dream, and therefore it's impossible to tell the difference.

Yes, Blogrolling is the only record I have. I should probably backup all my sites to my favorites on my browser, but I suppose lately I've been too lazy or just haven't really thought about it. The only other way I can visit some of the blogs is through the comments on my blog, but even that way doesn't give me all the blogs I had on my blogroll. :( I hope it comes back online soon.

RedBark said...

I hope so too. But really we are quite lucky. Modblog is slowly dying and is barely functional.

I sometimes worry that all of the fine artwork that has be stored on blogs will be lost. Perhaps not in the next few years but quite possibly in decades. Do you ever store your poems and fractals to CD?

Sophia said...

This has happened a few times before with Blogrolling. It always comes back up, but it's just really frustrating when I'm wanting to read my favorite blogs. :(

Yes, we are lucky. I'll tell you why: Blogger is THE best blog tool in the world. None of the others compare. I think this is mostly because it's run by Google, and Google will soon have World Domination. No, seriously... it's just simply the best. The interface is excellent. It's user friendly. Not only that, but 99% of the blogging world uses Blogger, so there's a bigger community to make friends with.

I have all of my fractals saved as little computer programs. They're known as "parameters". I don't save the pictures, because I can just input the parameters into the program and it will re-create the fractals for me. My poems on the other hand are ONLY on my blogs. Speaking of impermanence.... I'll probably keep most of my poems on my other blog since they have nothing to do with spirituality, so I might not totally get rid of that other blog. I haven't decided yet. But I'm definitely going to plan a day and clean out my other one.

RedBark said...

Good use of the word impermanence. A good reminder that it will certainly all be gone one day as will we. We can't save that art forever but perhaps it's affect on our soul will last forever.

Sophia said...

Yes. For the time being, they are just things to keep my ego happy. As ego is short-lived, so are the things ego hath created.

RedBark said...

It may be that beauty(such as you have created) actually feeds the soul as well.

RedBark said...

Living on the west coast as I do, I sometimes I feel that all of the world has gone to sleep and I am alone when I am still awake and wanting to talk.

Sophia said...

It's funny you mention that. Tonight I feel a little lonely, too. I've noticed Saturday nights are bad nights for internet companionship. :)

Sophia said...

I feel funny, because here I am admitting my addiction to my internet friends. I mean, shouldn't I be out at the bars? When I was in college, every weekend I went to the bars and clubs with my friends. After college, I lost interest in the clubs and moved on to other things. Maybe I'm getting older.

My best friend, who once lived within walking distance to my house, moved an hour and a half away in order to become a math teacher. We rarely talk anymore. Another friend who I was close with got a new boyfriend and it has been more than six months since she has talked to me. I feel funny saying I had only two close friends, but I think it's my own fault. I like to stay home and read, be with my pets... I guess I like the security.

I've also noticed that it's hard for me to meet people in my area who have the same interests I do. Friends are easier to find on the internet. When I do meet new people in my area, I'll invite them over once or twice and find out that we really don't have all that much in common. (I once invited a girl over to watch a movie with me that I met during one of my rare trips to a bar, and she brought a 12-pack of beer with her and sat and drank three of them while we watched a movie. Beer? Yuck! I wanted to talk philosophy and there she was talking about Miller Light.)

I like my co-workers, and we go out during the week and do things, but not on weekends.

VINO said...

Seems that beard and you had quite a chat.

Some views I have are...
1. Dream State or Wake state. Our mind experiences and understands it as if we are undergoing it. Thats why either if you are first person or third person you have feelings that you are undergoing the eperience.

2. Dream is a combination of your ideology, memories, fears, wish-fulfillment and a lots more. But only within the premises of your brain and ur life. Even it is futurological matter like Symbolisation and foretelling.

3. I would say the most likely person to interpret a dream is the dreamer himself (provided they have better judgement).
Because he has the most incomprehensible amount of details to reason it.

Dreams are almost a outer body experience like temproary death. That feeling of transition is too much for a untamed mind.

Recently due to my involvement in dreams, occasionally I tend to achieve Lucidity in my dreams. Almost daily I have a dream that is readily interpreted when I try to record it.

One occasion worth mentioning is the day when I told you that mind can only do one action at a time and there is nothing called true Multiprocessing.

That night I slept with a movie running in my player. During sleep I was having a dream and strange feeling suggested that I was enjoying the movie also (Ofcourse Audio only).

The next morning I was able to clearly state the continous dream and the movie. I rechecked the movie and its the same story that i experienced parallely while I was dreaming.

The intersting factor is the DUAL experience. The next interesting factor is the thought of your blog and my comment on it and how this experience can prove me wrong.


VINO said...

Same is my case during saturdays. But its sunday morning to me when u are in saturday night.

And Sunday Morning are the mornings I like to enjoy watching the sea, early.


Castor said...

Sorry about all that!
We were just beginning to be mischievous. I guess we were trying to illustrate a point.
And we are also beginning to realize something. Maybe it comes from bloghopping. And we still don't know what it is.
We really like you very much. And love you for being so friendly and kind to us. We feel bad about trying to trick you and having some fun at your own expense. So we thought about leaving in order not to complicate matters. Anyway from now on just think of us as one person with two not necessarily contrasting personalities: one a little bit philosophical and matter-of-factly and the other a bit more dreamy, myterious, and dangerous.
I guess I tried this experiment to get over the idea or experience of being schizophrenic and transcend it. Not to be afraid of being multi-personal sometimes. Often it is fear itself that makes us lose control. When it is perfectly normal to be many different persons at the same time.
Please forgive us.

Pollux said...

The first dream is quite an interesting one from my point of view. I could be the lucky guy in your dream. Or it could be a handsome Dutchman; Dutch couples
and perhaps other Europeans wear the engagement or wedding rings on the right ring finger. I also happen to have a ring made up of ten natural diamonds placed together to form a triangle.
To interpret the dream, I have the idea that you have taken on a new
major idea or belief or spiritual discipline and you are not really very sure or happy about it. You still want to go back to your old ways or habits. It is a good thing that you are watching or monitoring your actions and activities, as you mmight be in for a great disappointment.

Pollux said...

The second dream is really about feeling exploited by people who considered themselves superior or having positions of authority.
That men could also be victims of this male-dominated society is quite evident in your dream, and instead of being sympathetic, you end up being agressive towards him.
Being a caged beast symbolizes lack of spiritual and emotional control due to the weakening of the ego or sense of self. You are also trying to run away from resposibility or duty as a result of your desire for spiritual freedom.
That there was a flood recently
suggests either the release of positive energy or the overflow of repressed or unconscious emotions. And these might be necessary before any progress could be made.
What these giant turtles mean is not very clear. They could be big and retarding obstacles that stands in the way of personal freedom and they are very difficult to overcome because of their gravity and slowness.
Since I myself have been thru a very difficult period it is probably not unwise for me to warn you of possible dangers that may come as a result of unmasking the ego, the controlling entity in our lives, to be an illusion. These doesn't mean that the ego is gone or weakened. My advice is not to be afraid of your ego in whatever form the it may take; instead be kind to it. In this way it will surely lose its power.

Castor said...

This afternoon I happened to be reading a book called Mind over Matter by J. Maya Pilkington and the Diagram Group. In the past I had the habit of collecting old
esoteric books on magic, occultism, and the paranormal but never had the time to try anything.
Here is something you might find interesting:
"Serious yogis have undertaken years of meditative practice before taking astral journeys.
Certainly their warnings that astral travel is not for the impatient or the unclean should be taken into account.
Some western practitioners claim that a lifetime's practice is not necessary and short astral trips can be taken after a little practice. They too will emphasize the need to work toward a quiet mind and a clean body."
Now, try to find out what a "quiet mind" and a "clean body" is, before going any further.
Due to my involvement with a religious cult some years ago, I had the chance to explore some of these phenomena connected with mediumship like speaking in strange language and telepathy, but I became very scared of it. If you are really interested in enlightenment, I suggest you avoid mediumism or spiritism altogether.

Pollux said...

All your dreams seem to be full of spiritual meanings. It shows that you are really serious about becoming enlightened. It could be like a roller-coaster ride or topsy-turvy airplane rides thru your mind or soul. It means taking a journey to discover yourself and reality. We need to know ourselves in order to learn to ignore ourselves in our path to explore the unknown. Just keep trusting your guardian angels or your pilot friends to bring you home safely.

Rob said...

Dream 4 seems particularly auspicious.

RedBark said...

Do you hear that guys?

We all have to stay home Saturday nights and keep Stacey company.

But seriously Stacey I think that this blog community is healthier and more fulfilling than a bar(except that here there is really really no possibility of sex). :)

Of course there many better things to do than go to a bar. If I was looking for something to do on a Saturday night I would go to a ballroom dancing club. Have you ever taken ballroom dance lessons? I know you told me long ago but I forgot. I am actually starting to get the Viennese Waltz right(finally).

Gee, too bad I gave up on you so soon. I see now that you did not go to bed. Well there is always next Saturday night. :)

Sophia said...

Hi Vino,

Thanks for your input regarding dreams. You may be right that the best interpreter is the dreamer himself, but I have to admit I've had a few good interpretations by others. You may have read some of Pollux's or Castor's interpretations of my dreams. He amazes me with how close he comes to my life's circumstances. I don't think even I could have interpreted them any better.

That is neat how you dreamed the story as the movie advanced while you were sleeping. Maybe sometime I'll have to play some movie in the background as I sleep and see what becomes of it.

One thing I've noticed about the comments on my blog is they all seem to come from different parts of the world because sometimes I'll get comments at 3:00am in the morning when I am sound asleep, so surely many of these come from around the world. It's really funny talking to someone in California because it will be 1:00am my time and only 10:00pm theirs. And like you said in your case, it will already be Sunday while it is still Saturday in my part of the world.

Sophia said...


Not to worry. You and Pollux and whatever other personality you have are welcome on my blog. I don't mind multiple personalities. I find them interesting. So you and they are always welcome to visit and comment here.

By the way. I'm a Gemini. I find it interesting that your two main personalities on this blog are Castor and Pollux. Did you know that they are only half-brothers?

Sophia said...

Hi Pollux,

Wow. Another great dream interpretation from you! I am always impressed by your accuracy. You could probably start a business as a dream reader!

The part that really rang true for me was what you said about the caged beast representing the lack of spiritual and emotional control due to the weakening of the ego or sense of self. I feel that trying to lose the ego and sense of self right now is a very scary process. I sometimes wonder if I will succeed, or if I even want to. It's not completely pleasant because I have come to identify with myself for 27 years now. Letting go of all I've believed myself to be and getting rid of all the layers really hurts.

Sophia said...

Hi Castor,

Not too long ago I had received an email from someone stating that astral projection can actually be quite dangerous. He said that evil entities exist and I run the risk of allowing them to enter my body while my astral body is away.

Sophia said...


I am definitely serious about becoming enlightened! I'm just a little afraid right now. It seems there are so many different ways that one can go to become enlightened that I don't know which way is the correct way. I'm afraid if I go the wrong way, that I'll never become enlightened. I'm afraid I'll spend a lifetime on the wrong path! :(

Sophia said...

Hi Rob,

Yes. Dream #4 definitely implied that trust is an important emotion to value if I plan on getting anywhere spiritually. I'm a very trusting person. I only hope that helps me instead of hindering me.

Sophia said...

Yes, Beard. You might just have to stay home on Saturdays to give me someone to talk to! Actually, after I lost you Saturday I started talking to John, who lives in Texas, so it all worked out. I think John is only two hours behind me, although I could be wrong on that.

Bloghopping is certainly healthier than going to bars! As far as missing sex, though... I have to say education and knowledge to me is a form of mind sex, which I find even more enjoyable than physical sex. Sex for the brain is the most orgasmic version I can think of. :)

I've never taken ballroom dancing, but I don't know if I should. I have two left feet when it comes to dancing. People run the risk of going blind if they were to watch me dance. :D

Maybe we'll talk longer next Saturday night, although I'm sure to run into you again throughout the week.

RedBark said...

I have never felt that similarity between thought and sex but I am sure men and women are different in this regard.

Two left feet probably just means that you try to think about what you are doing.

That is fine, you have to think to really learn. After you have done a particular step a few hundered times you can stop thinking about it and you just do it. Repitition is very helpful but few people want to do it.

I think that even walking would be difficult if we really thought about everything that was involved in it and tried to do it intellectually.

Sophia said...


Don't get me wrong about sex. I mean, when I was younger it seemed it was all I thought about. It's just that something has taken the place of those thoughts. Especially since I started my spiritual journey. I guess I'm more of a nerd than a sex symbol because I find I am more turned-on by an intelligent discussion than anything. At the risk of sounding really "out-there", I think -although I'm not 100% certain - that I could survive as a celibate. I just love minds so much. :) I think the greatest intimacy ever acheived is when two minds connect to each other.

RedBark said...

Celebacy is a good thing.

Funny how the things that our Christian heritage demands of us are really good for us. It is just the way that these things were presented that was wrong or perhaps misunderstood.

I too feel that there is much that is higher than sex but I think that it is possible, as we become more awake, that people can transcend the intinctive aspect of sex and realize it as a spriritual act. I am sure that many people have had some hints of this.

Castor said...

To tell you a secret, I really think and feel different from Pollux. Pollux is really my more gifted self; but he is erratic, unpredictable, and sometimes irrational. He is the side of me that I really want to hide from people. But he is also the one I really want to be. He is more confident and self-assured than I am, more spontaneous, nonchalant, and often very careless. I used to repress him a lot, because of his tendency to brag and make fun of everybody. But he is also very friendly and kind most of the time. I have learnt to trust and accept him and nowadays we have very little conflict with each other. We are becoming more like each other everday. He is becoming more predictable, and I more spontaneous.
About the things I have warned you about. Please don't worry too much
and never be afraid of anything.
I really don't believe in evil spirits or entities anymore. Altho we can have evil thoughts, intentions, and desires. And I think that is what makes us unfriendly and unkind to others. This is especially true when we are ambitious, and jealous of other people's talents and achievements. To be enlightened means to be free of competitive spirit and desire to put down other people.
There are other secrets I want to tell you, especially about my experiences in the past, but it may not be necessary. Otherwise I'll have to save them for another day.

Mark Walter said...

I agree about the union of minds, about the compelling nature of its attraction, power, intimacy and its sexual aspects. But, for me anyway, it can also become a powerful diversion, sometimes overwhelming.

Sophia said...


I just think it's funny that not too long ago I would have had more interest in sex, but now that I've got other things on my mind, sex is no longer the big deal it used to be. And women are supposed to peak out at 41!

Sophia said...

Hi Castor,

Well, to be honest I like and admire both you and Pollux, so you are always welcome here and I consider both aspects of you to be my friend.

Now that you've mentioned secrets, my curiosity is wanting to know more. :) Never say "secret" to a woman and not fill her in! :D

Sophia said...


You are absolutely right. Sometimes the connection between two minds can lead up to an obsession if not used correctly. I try in this lifetime to not get too obsessed with anything. Getting attached and then having to let go can be painful. That's why we're not supposed to get attached. Yet we always do.