Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mr. Ego Just Made a Terrible Mistake!

Thanks to my friend Charlie for helping me realize something!

As you've read in an earlier post, I stated that "[The ego] must be killed off."

Only, Mr. Ego fooled me again, because, "Ego cannot be 'killed off' ... there is no ego, no separate entity."


Castor said...

Now you're telling us how to be enlightened. Good idea!

Pollux said...

Hey guys,
Stacey just opened the gates of heaven!

Anonymous said...

All's well; it ends well!
So after all, there is no need for gurus and spiritual teachers.
Just friends along the way, fellow travelers.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is right
exactly where he is.
All of us Buddhas!
-- copyrighted

Sophia said...

Hi guys and gals,

I haven't been ignoring anyone. I've just been deep in thought. Well, really I don't even know if I can call it thought anymore.

So, there's nothing I've had against anyone I've just been doing a lot of reading and looking around the internet and maybe possibly starting to figure things out. But then again, are there "things" to be figured out? And "who" is doing the figuring?

You see what I mean. I am not telling anyone how to become enlightened, nor am I opening the gates of heaven, just sharing thoughts that my Awareness has perceived.

Fellow travelers have been helpful. I'm thankful for that.

Castor said...

Now we're going to get some sleep.
And celebrate tommorrow.

Sophia said...

Hi Castor,

There is nothing to celebrate. The reason: it's been there all along.

Pollux said...

All this effort for nothing.
Stacey didn't even exist!

Sophia said...


I'm not there yet. For instance, it's a little painful hearing those words, "Stacey didn't even exist."

Pollux said...

Well' at least the dreams were great. And the interpretations too.

Sophia said...

I'll still post dreams. And you can still interpret them.

I wonder, if I'm the Dream, and I have a dream, then what is the dream that the Dreamer thinks it's having?

Sophia said...

Maybe I should reword that....

If I'm the Dream, and I have a dream, then what is the dream that the dream is having?

Castor said...

I guess it's really One Big Dream. The One dreaming of the many. But it's also a physical dream and reality. Only we still don't know what it's really made of. Some strings and marrionettes? Well I guess not.

Pollux said...

I guess the dream is in everyone's mind. And our minds are just One Big Mind interconnected like computers in a network like internet. And everyone dreams his own dream in this reality we call life.

Castor said...

We don't want you to think too
much. We're going to get some sleep and hope to see you in our dreams tonight.

jbmoore said...

Um, by stilling the mind, one can eventually become aware or at least allow space for awareness to occur. Since this medium is mostly mind based and words are signposts or pointers to the truth, at best Stacey and the rest of us unenlightened members of Homo sapiens can just suggest general directions to go. However, ultimately each of us has to open a portal for primordial consciousness to enter this world, and that is an individual effort.

jbmoore said...

SShhh! Be very, very quiet. I'm hunting I AM! Heh-heh-heh :-)

Eliyahu ben Avraham vaSarah said...

"Always, no, sometimes think its me, but, you know, I know when its a dream..." - John Lennon

RedBark said...


Nondualreality said...

Hi Stacey,

Really enjoying what you are writing here. Keep up the good work


isaiah said...

“Why are you unhappy?
Because 99.9% of everything you think, and everything you do,
Is for yourself,
And there isn’t one.”

Nath Yogi said...

(Here is verse)
They are the great;
If ego they ate,
They are the great.

RedBark said...

Nice poem Guru,

It does feel muchlike eating the ego. Another similar phrase is "Swallow your pride", also very acurate.

VINO said...


Recently, I have been imagining a lot about dreams and mystery behind it.

Dream is a linear activity. Happens one after another. Though "Multi Processing" is promised like our PCs, mind can just think one thing at a time. Its how fast we think and how fast jump to the next topic is what gives us the Psuedo Multiprocessing Look.

Even in dreams the speed of our thought is what matters. In the short sleep I have each day, I tend to have been in a very long dream.

Enough with dreams.

Killing the Ego. To put it in a different way i would say. Denying the Ego. When anything happens there are some quick thought occur. Ego occurs, but its a arguement which the judge (we) can over rule.


Donavon said...

Killing the Ego ... I get what Charlie means, but I feel more comfortable with ‘recognising the ego’.

Good topic Stacey. It started me googling the net and here are two sites I enjoyed with regards to ego:

Little ego, big ego, non ego, greater ego, higher self, oneness - eh?

Exploring the Higher Self

Sophia said...

JBMoore is right. It's definitely an individual effort. I was hoping initially that someone might do it for me! I had read of "initiations" on the internet via various sites, and I was thinking just maybe, if someone touched my forehead, I could become enlightened. But I don't guess it's that easy. It's just like taking a class - you have to do the work to make the "A".

Rob said...

I agree with Charlie.
I might put it like this: Darkness does not exist -it is merely the absence of light. In other words fighting ego is a game -it is far better to move towards one's real self and IGNORE the ego.

Sophia said...

*giggles* JB, I guess we're all Elmer Fudds hunting for the great big bunny called "Enlightenment".

Sophia said...

Eliyahu ben Avraham vaSarah,

The Beatles always have given us wisdom, haven't they. :)

Sophia said...

Hi Nondual,


Sophia said...


Thanks for posting the quote. I think that does explain a lot of the unhappiness that goes on in the world.

Sophia said...

Hi Guru,

Thanks! Very nice poem!

Sophia said...

Hi Vino,

You're right about thoughts. Yesterday I tried to challenge myself to do something. I tried to think two thoughts at the same time. I tried again today. I don't think I can do it!

Sophia said...


That's another good way to look at it. The Awareness recognizes the ego just as it recognizes something that it sees or hears. It "sees" the ego. Only the point is not to identify with it.

Thanks for the links. I've also paid a quick visit to your blog and I look forward to paying return visits so that I can read more of your posts.

Sophia said...

Hi Rob,

"Ignore" is another good way to put it. Just as we can close our eyes and ignore the scenery around us, we can close our Awareness' "eyes" to the ego and therefore ignore it.

Donavon said...

Awareness, this leads me onto self awareness. ‘Know thyself’ the ancient Greeks said.

Be gentle with my journal – fragile ego. lol :)

Nath Yogi said...

Stacey and all,
Here is one more verse on the topic.

They are the skilled;
If ego they killed,
They are the skilled.