Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dreams from November 16, 2005

Dream 1:

I'm sitting down on something that is moving. Maybe it is a cart or a carriage of some sort. My legs are crossed and they are showing outside the outfit I'm wearing. Some Muslim men see my legs, point to them and tell me to cover them.

Dream 2:

I'm a Jew. Some men throw stones at me. I keep calling them "shticks". (I have no idea what this word means.)

Dream 3:

I'm looking through the CD racks at a library. I'm looking at CDs that feature brainwave entrainment to help one have dreams.


jbmoore said...

Is dream 3 a reference to you checking out the Tolle CDs? It was before I suggested the audiobooks to you. How to you like The Power of Now?

Sophia said...

Hi John,

WOW. My desk calendar needs to have some pages removed. :) I still have November 9th up. I meant November 16th, so I'm going to fix that and change the date. Actually, I had the dream after I checked out the audiobook.

I'm really enjoying this audiobook. I feel that it is teaching me a whole new way of life, a way that will in the long run bring me to the inner joy that lies within. I'm on the second CD now. After this book is over I can't wait to listen to the other one you bought me! I thank you so much!

Eliyahu ben Avraham vaSarah said...

"Shtick" is Yiddish. It general means a joke or prank. Commonly its used to refer to show buisiness rutines (ie "Harpo Marx did his shtick where he drops spoons out of his sleeve"), but can also include any activity "He's doing his doctor shtick in LA now."

I'm not sure how that relates to your dream though.

Sophia said...

Eliyahu ben Avraham vaSarah,

Thank you for the translation! I find it interesting how I used a Yiddish word in my dream and I was also Jewish. Maybe in my own way I was calling those men clowns or something.

Chuck said...

My interpretation: You are sitting on the most powerful extension for change. You have chosen passivity. But even within this you recognize there is no peace and perhaps at the price of shame.

Anonymous said...

Just to add to Eliyahu's comments, I was wondering if their might be some sort of unconscious pun in that dream based on the old saying 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me'. They were throwing stones at you and you called them schticks.


Sophia said...


That interpretation fits nicely. Since I'm afraid of change, I might be very passive about it. But right now I'm trying to learn how to accept change when it comes in order to lead a more peaceful life.

Sophia said...


That's GREAT!! I never would have thought of that. It makes perfect sense. You've just reminded me that at one time I had actually heard of dreams being used as puns.

Here is a webpage I just found that talks about dream puns:

jbmoore said...


The only constant throughout life is change. To fear change is madness. YOU know this. Nothing real can be destroyed, nothing of value is ever lost. Only the unreal is lost or destoryed.

George Breed said...

Yes, jb, we're a bunch of loose change.

sync_ron_icity said...

Henry Reed, with Atlantic University and The Association for Research and Enlightenment has a dream chamber experience that may be of interest.

The link to it is on my MSN spaces page.

Pollux said...

Sitting on a cart or carriage suggest having old-fashioned ideas or attitudes to modern thinking. Perhaps you are becoming more aware of religious intimidation, suppression, oppression, and discrimination against women. You are afraid of being punished by religious authorities for seeking guidance outside religious systems or traditions. This is retarding your progress towards enlightenment.
To prevent being stoned to death, you tell people concerned that it was just a "shtick" or some "slapshtick".

Castor said...

I hope you finally realized that it is religious traditions, esoteric knowledge, and superstition that will retard your progress towards being enlightened.
Going back to the topic of what a "quiet mind is", I'd like to state the following definition taken from the same book I mentioned:
"It is a mind free from desires, neuroticisms, upsets, angers, worries, anxieties, sadnesses, fears, ectacies and other common human states.
A quiet mind is free because these states have been experienced and gone thru. A free mind is not one that has learnt how to avoid human feelings or how to control them."

Sophia said...

Hi John,

I don't know why I fear change. After all, all of life submits to impermanence. Nothing is in an everlasting state.

Sophia said...

*giggles* George, you're a few pennies short of a dollar. :) Just kidding! :P

Sophia said...

Hi Sync_ron_icity,

So good to see you here!

I was just at Williamsburg and Virginia Beach in June. I was so close!

sync_ron_icity said...

My daughter Erica is finishing up her masters with AU in Transpersonal Psych via distance learning and asked me to go with her for her required 'on campus' classes.

My mother, a Cayce (holistic) person and scorpio intuitive and all, I thought there must be a good reason (meaning) for this so I agreed to go.

I met my very 1st philospher, Tom Curly during our one week stay, the whole experience was very enlightening.

She had set goals which included publishing her essays from her Ursuline college studies and developing a internet transpersonal web presence.

Our 'domain' includes the Experience Festival (Mind Physics)and more.

We would very much appreciate your signing our guestbook. Tell us what you found most useful . .

Thank you