Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dream from November 1, 2005

[Note: In real life, I work with a girl named "Vannah". A couple of years ago a stray kitten showed-up at my house. At that point, I already had three cats and two dogs that I had adopted from the streets. I just couldn't fit another cat in the house, so I kept the kitten long enough to find it a home. When Vannah found out about it, she took the kitten in and has had it and loved it ever since.

Note 2: In real life, my father and stepmother own a Quaker parrot.]


Vannah and I are getting ready to walk into an animal shelter. At the door, before entering, I turn to her and say, "Vannah, I don't think I can go in there. I don't think I can handle seeing all the homeless animals knowing that I won't be able to adopt anymore of them." But I turn towards the door again and try to walk in. Again I am unable to enter. This goes on for a few minutes when suddenly a black and white cat with a flea collar brushes up against my ankles. I reach down to pet it. We enter the animal shelter and inside I see my father holding up a cage with a parakeet inside it.


Pollux said...

You seem to have some difficulty becoming mature and facing reality. This probably comes from protecting yourself from hurt or troubles. I don't say I think of you in this way, but your dream seem to reveal that.
Anyway inspite of this you are giving in to your natural drive to give and receive love. Only you are unsure of your ability to look after someone more vulnerable than yourself. This is the reason why you choose animals as objects of your affection, because of their unconditional love without real dependency and their sensitivity to your emotional distress or pain.
At the same time you feel restrained or entrapped by authority figures as represented by your father, who prefer caged birds as objects of affection.
Some people have control over your life and you feel you can only do what is expected of you.
Finally there seem to be some irritations, people or situations, that are causing you some difficulties, and you want to decontaminate yourself from these parasites or bullies.
And don't forget I am Pollux the boxer par excellence, if you want to get rid of some troublesome figures, I am at your service. Just to make sure, I am practicing Classical Kenjutsu and Iajutsu seriously nowadays. Aikido or Jujutsu is child-play.

Sophia said...

Hi Pollux,

Thank you for your wonderful dream interpretation, and offer to be my boxer par exellence. :)

How long have you been giving dream interpretations and where did you learn to do them? They seem to come quite natural for you and most of the time you address the situation with some precision.

I think a big problem for me right now is the need for me to become mature and face reality. I'm 27 years old, and I wonder if I'm still like a teenage girl sometimes. I'm afraid to let go of that.

Also, I've had issues with wishing I could protect myself from hurt in the past.