Saturday, November 05, 2005

Synchronicity Journal November 5, 2005

I was online reading an article on Discovery Channel News about evidence that has been found that elephants mourn their dead. As I was reading the article, I got an email from Blogger stating that I had received a comment on my blog. The comment came from a new visitor to my blog named Nobody. I went to Nobody's blog and on the page was a post about elephants which included a painting of an elephant.


RedBark said...

Nobody is not new. That's kathy from bamboo shade.

So what do think elephants means?

Rob said...

This may be quite wrong but I had a passing thought that your interest in synchronicity and dream interpretation might possibly be linked to your interest in doing Mensa puzzles.

Even if one solves the various "Puzzles" is that going to bring lasting satisfaction?

VINO said...

Sometimes we tend to deny god just coz we cannot 'understand' the logic.

May be GOD and fate is beyond our understanding. Fate is a wrong proof or coincidence.

I can state this occurence is coincidence and deny the fate or GOD behind it. But 'may be' this coincidence is based upon a logic which is commanded by lord and executed as per a plan and still prove that coincidence and fate are two seperate arguements true to our (human) logic and whereas the truth is a logic that our logic cannot understand, which is called GOD.

Sophia said...


I didn't say she was new, I said she was a new visitor to my blog in particular. ;)

Sophia said...

Hi Rob,

I don't know that there's a connection between my enjoyment of puzzles and dreams/synchronicity. However, I think that part of the satisfaction of life is the ongoing attempt to solve the Puzzle, which may never really be solved at all.

Sophia said...

Hi Vino,

Good comment. I certainly feel there is some greater logic out there that our minds cannot comprehend. Our minds are so small compared to the great Mind.

George Breed said...

Nothing is out there.
All is here.

What we call "our" mind is the Great Mind minding.

No separation!

Separation leads to woo-woo.

And if you choose to woo-woo,
woo-woo with your whole being,
woo-woo with full awareness,
Full Throttle Woo-Wooo!

kathy said...

Stacey Hi! It's me kathy aka nobody...

looks like we were in synchronicity with our elelphants! :) cool!

kathy said...

I love elephants! beautiful creatures they are!

Forty-Two said...

Nobody is the name Odysseus told the cyclops in Greek mythology.

When asked by the other cyclops who had blinded him, he replied Nobody. This allowed Odysseus to get away.