Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dreams with Impact

This may be a very probing question. You don't have to answer it if you don't want to. Dreams can be personal sometimes. Trust me, I know.

I would like to ask you this:

Of all the dreams you remember, which dream has been the most memorable?


RedBark said...

A few times I have looked at myself in the bed. It is very frightening and easy to remember.

I also remember, after many years, being in my room(in a dream) and all of the objects in the room swirling around in a vortex. I was also being blown around by this "wind".

George Breed said...

This one.

ian g. said...

I was still at primary school, and the teacher had been telling a story from the bible which involved the Devil.

That night, in our house in the woods, I dreamt a horrific goat like creature was chasing me from out of the darkness behind, getting closer and closer, no matter how I ran. It got closer and closer, as I ran and ran, unable to even turn and see clearly what it looked like.

It then butted me hard in the back, the impact lifting me higher and higher from the ground. As I soared still higher, gasping for breath, I awoke, calling out for my father to help me. He heard me, and stepped into the room, trying to put my mind at ease.

I never forgot that nightmare.

RedBark said...

Rusty Pearl,

I wonder if that made you take the Bible seriously.

Pollux said...

This is not really a dream but more like an hallucination:
When I was small, I was having high fever and my Ma was washing my little body to cool it down, I saw this little people that looked like the seven dwarfs, playing hide-and-seek with me. They were pretty cool and funny; they were trying to cheer me up. I kept pointing to them saying, "Ma, look
at the little ones."
Where I come from, this is quite a common phenomenon. Little children and even big ones get bewitched by these creatures we call "nuno sa punso" some "little earthman living in the termite earth". Very often they have to call the witch doctor or shaman to deliver the victim.

Castor said...

My earliest dreams were that of bubbles. These are soft thick-walled ones that don't burst or disappear. The whole space is full of them, and I don't see myself in that space. Just bubbles of all sizes and I could feel their softness all the time.

RedBark said...


Sounds like a scene from Carlos Castaneda's books.

Sophia said...


The dream where you've seen yourself in your bed sounds to me like an out-of-body experience, or astral projection. That is a common phenomenon that I've heard of.

Sophia said...


You are a dream!

Sophia said...


That is a very frightening dream. It's interesting that you can remember a childhood dream. I don't remember any of my dreams as a child. The only thing close to a dream that I remember is when I imagined there were spiders crawling all over the wall. At night, when the moon was bright, the leaves from a nearby tree created shadows on the wall that terrified me!

But your dream sounds frightening, even for an adult. I don't like being chased around by Hellish creatures.

Sophia said...


That is interesting about the Nuno. I think soon I will have to write a blog post about the creature. I had never heard of them until you mentioned it. I went to Wikipedia to read up on them.

Sophia said...


The bubbles sound like they might be from an out-of-body experience, or astral projection. The one time I think I've ever left my body was when I remember floating through the attic, and the ceiling and roof felt as though they were made of tons of bubbles.

Eliyahu ben Avraham vaSarah said...

The ones that stick in my mind are some of the nightmaes.. one that I have fairly regularly is a very vivid dream where I'm laying in bed awake but completely unable to move.. sometimes I can even hear odd noises as if there is someone else in the house... often I even know that I am dreaming but no matter what I do I can neither move nor wake myself. What makes them really frightening is that they are so vivid its sometimes hard to tell if I'm actually awake or not,

RedBark said...


Yes they were OOBEs but now I have no idea what that means in terms of realness. Anyway it was more than ten years ago.

Sophia said...

Eliyahu ben Avraham vaSarah,

Wow, that does sound like something related to OBE. To me it sounds like what is known as "sleep paralysis". There is a lot of information that can be found on the internet about that.

Sophia said...

Hi Beard,

Now that I think about it, I believe I do recall you mentioning something like that on alt.dreams close to when I first met you.

jbmoore said...

There have been a few. One was possibly due to watching a WWII movie. I was watching an American destroyer being sunk and strafed by Japanese aircraft and watched the crew abandon ship as the ship began to roll over to starboard and sink. A bomb fell and then I awoke. The scene was from no movie though. It wasn't a prior life because I was last alive in the Civil War.

Several months after my younger brother died, I saw him pull up to me in a Winnebago, wave at me, smile and drive off into a beautiful sunset. I felt at peace and knew he was OK. About two years ago, I was talking with my brother's eldest son and he said that he talked with his Father in his dreams all the time.

The only other dream was highly sensual and erotic. I was making love to a beautiful voluptuous woman with black hair. I never saw her face though. It was so real and she was on top which is an unusual position for me.You can guess how I awoke from that dream.

Charity said...

I had a dream that my car went off a bridge and landed in the water. My two children and I made it out into the water, but I could only save one at a time. When I tried to save them both, they would move out of my reach. I had to let one go to save the other.

Still trying to figure out how to get to both I woke up.

There are more dreams that I remember mostly because I keep a dream journal, but this one is still a fear for me, so it remains the most prominant.

sync_ron_icity said...

My all time favorite nightmare was from when I was around 4 years old.

I was kept in a dungeon, I can still feel the cold stone floor and the heavy dampness. I was waiting for the door to open because I knew when it would open, it was time to die. I would awake sreaming when the first crack of light came from the door edge.

The last time it opened I was determined to stay and see who was the one going to kill me so I managed to stay in the dream long enough to get run through with a sword.

I never saw who it was as my eyes only momentarily stared at the sword. I woke up, no screaming but out of breath and no longer afraid.

I haven't had the dream since I was around 5.

I dunno . .