Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dream from November 3, 2005

I'm standing at the top of concrete stairs. They are big stairs, like in an arena. There are many people lined along the top with me. We each have a wine glass in our hands. All in synch, we walk down the stairs. At the bottom, we perform some sort of ritual with the wine glass. We touch the wineglass to various body parts, then break it on the ground. Everyone breaks theirs before I do, and when I do, I call out, "Everyone close your eyes! I'm getting ready to break some glass!"


Pollux said...

A highly spiritual dream full of psychological meaning.
Being in an arena means you have to make a decision to move into a specific environment for greater creativity and self-expression.
But since you are not alone in this dream, you probably want to bring something out in the open in order to make a decision with others, who belong to your present group. This is done with the help of a ritual of touching the wineglass with various parts of the body and breaking it. This is done in order to concentrate the power of many to increase focus.
Since the wineglass represents a container of happiness, you are about to make a sad and sorrowful break from the past. And you seem to be very reluctant to do it.
Incidentally the wineglass can also mean pregnancy, and breaking it means miscarriage.
The ritual of touching and breaking glass means the group must focus its energy in such a way that we can work for the common and greater good, whatever it is.
Well, it's your dream so, you are entitled to interpret it your way. It can mean a lot of things with respect to your own psychological and spiritual situation.
Being very much influenced by my dream-analysis machine, I am reluctant to give you any advice.
It's your decision.
Perhaps Castor can give you a bolder approach or solution if you have some dificulties.

Sophia said...


What would Castor say?

By the way, I've been curious for some time.... What is the relationship between you and Castor?

Pollux said...

Just keep it a secret.
We are "twins", children of a man who believes he doesn't exist.
Don't think about it too much.
It's not a psychic problem. It's just his idea that you can be anybody you think you are.
It's more like an experiment.
A long time ago he thought he was Ares, and he became very frightened
by the thought. When he came out of it, he knew it was just his imagination playing a trick on him.
Now he's not afraid to split himself into personalities, because he knows he's just one- person or non-person.
And you won't find Castor and Pollux outside your blog-world.

Sophia said...

Ares is the Greek god of war. He is handsome and tall, but considered vain and cruel. He enjoys bloodshed. He is the son of Zeus. Ares enjoys war. He is immortal, but when he is wounded he must go to his father to be healed. Zeus is disgusted with him.

So, what is this man like who doesn't believe he exists?

Pollux said...

A very friendly, loving person, who is often misunderstood.
And he is not afraid to be himself
and to act like he is not himself.
A man who threw away his religious beliefs and superstitions. Who broke with the past to become what
he truly is.
A somebody and a nobody!

Sophia said...

This man, "Ares", is full of contradictions. He is one way, or the other.

Well, if we like Castor and we like Pollux, don't you think we'd like Ares?

I'd say, be yourself, even if that means by being yourself you are not being yourself. Whatever makes you the most happy.